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What have I done to my nose?!

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WelshMoth Mon 11-Dec-17 05:51:51

Inspired my Dr Pimple popper, I bought a little metal tool to rid my face of deep blackheads and pores on my t zone area.

3 months later though, I have a reddening mark that often peels but never goes away. No lumps. I have deep large pores on my nose that I've tried to press with this tool. Sometimes I get pus from them but I'd love them to go completely.

In my vain attempts however, I've created this and I do t know what to do. I use sudocrem on it to try and calm it down but it won't go.


mynameisnotmichaelcaine Mon 11-Dec-17 06:03:30

My nose gets like this every winter. I think it's rosacea. It's much better when I moisturise loads. Look for products recommend for rosacea. Also, try to leave it alone!

Notreallyhappy Mon 11-Dec-17 07:18:47

That's from squeezed pimples...not've infected it.😕 Wash face in basic soap and water. Apply teatree to dry it picking. If no teatree use the sudocreme but I swear by teatree oil

Notreallyhappy Mon 11-Dec-17 07:19:35

*infected it..

Abijam Mon 11-Dec-17 08:03:28

shock I can only think of some makeup to cover it up. wink

christmasrage Mon 11-Dec-17 08:10:45

Leave it alone, apart from good exfoliation and hygiene. Let it sort itself out without Interference. And I'm a sporner. It will be hard, I know...

Killerfiller Mon 11-Dec-17 15:14:40

Yes defo tea tree and use a cotton bud to
Apply it will dry it out and scab it up and fall off.

WelshMoth Mon 11-Dec-17 21:56:40

I know I know. I spend my
Nights prodding.
Darn my enlarged pores - i wish they'd go.

EnidButton Tue 12-Dec-17 05:21:35

Pores won't go unfortunately and squeezing them could make them widen. It's completely normal to have pores on your nose and cheeks. We'd look very weird without them. What I think you're squeezing are sebaceous filaments. They are caused by oil becoming waxy and darker coloured as it builds up in the pores. They're very very common. You can reduce their appearance and frequency by using a clay mask once a week and a chemical exfoliator like a BHA.

For your nose now I'd use a tiny dab of hibi scrub (over the counter in pharmacies.) to wash it, then a dot on sudocreme to draw it out. Once it's done it's thing and starts to dry up I really rate La Roche Posay's Cicaplast b5 Cream. It will reduce redness, soothe dry areas and really speed up the healing process.

EnidButton Tue 12-Dec-17 05:24:38

If not sudocreme then tea tree oil or a spot gel. Dab on and leave rather than rub. (That method is best with the Cicaplast too)

It's really not that bad by the way, your skin looks very clear other than your wee visitor there.

Main advice is to stop squeezing and picking, it's pissing your skin off and causing inflammation which causes the spots.

SparklyLights Tue 12-Dec-17 07:38:20

Could well be a long term, low level infection. A course of antibiotics might help. I would see the gp. It’s nigvrruvusl and you don’t want it to spread/get a grip. The antibacterial stuff helps heal top layer, but if infected underneath then it won’t help that.

SparklyLights Tue 12-Dec-17 07:39:27

*IT’S NOT TRIVIAL that was meant to say!!

SukiTheDog Tue 12-Dec-17 07:55:32

Viral? Looks a bit wet. Seen a pharmacist?

SparklyLights Tue 12-Dec-17 11:06:15

It should have healed by 3 months on though op. I would definitely see the doctor. And throw away that blackhead squeezer! Use a mild face scrub and look for moisturisers that don’t block pores instead.

Where you have pressed is close to the nose cartilage so there’s not too much flesh to squeeze out there. Some people can drive dirt in causing an infection rather than squeezing it out. Nose pore strips are far gentler than pressing down hard with a metal implement.

SukiTheDog Tue 12-Dec-17 15:52:26

Agree with being very gentle in this thin skinned area. Also, you’re not a sunbed user/worshipper are you? My friend had a tiny sore that would heal, crust and then start bleeding again in her nose. It was a melanoma. Don’t want to alarm you but definitely see a gp. I’m sure sis overzealous work on the area, though.

TheXXFactor Tue 12-Dec-17 17:02:51

Excellent advice from Enid. You could also try chloramphenicol eye ointment on it. Try for 2 weeks and, if still not better (or worse in meantime) see your GP as a precaution- as you should for any infection that doesn't heal.

SparklyLights Tue 12-Dec-17 18:35:35

Suki- I thought the same. Hence the gp. It’s probably something minor but best seen by a professional.

Lucked Tue 12-Dec-17 18:43:03

Well hopefully it is just irritation and small spot. It could be a spider naevi as damage to the skin can cause them - do they blanch when pressed? I had one randomly which I kept thinking was a spot. If it is itprobably won’t go on its own but can be lasered. Follow the advice above and see what happens.

hollieberrie Tue 12-Dec-17 22:42:53

Enid has it. Thats exactly what i would do. And yes to sebaceous filaments. I struggle with them. Paulas Choice BHA helps.

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