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I think I’m going to get a perm

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GinGeum Thu 07-Dec-17 17:42:00

Shall I? Oh I don’t know.

I have curly ish hair naturally, and currently follow the CG method, but it’s now about boob length and is driving me mad.

I prefer having shoulder length hair, or maybe even shorter, but my natural curls/waves don’t really start until half way down my hair, so the CG method doesn’t work if my hair is shorter.

My hair is just so knotty now. I fear I’m on the road to dreadlocks if I don’t do something soon. I also have a very petite face, and long hair drowns me out a bit.

Question is, do I get it cut into a long bob and go back to blow drying it straight ish twice a week, or get it permed when I get it cut, so I still get curly hair, but at a more manageable length?

What would you do? Help please! I hate my hair at the moment sad

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