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Really great moisturising treatment for highlighted hair?

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LadyOfTheCanyon Wed 06-Dec-17 10:47:26

Hi all
I've recently started to have my hair highlighted and have really noticed a change in texture and dry ends.
What are your recs for really intensive moisturising conditioners or treatments? I'd like my hair to feel swishy and soft again...
Currently using the Kerastase that my hairdresser recommended (of course she did -it costs more than Saffron, that stuff!) and not really sold on it -my hair feels a bit 'meh' afterwards.
Not necessarily looking for cheap suggestions -just want something that works!
Thanks in advance, I have every faith that the S&B mavens will point me in the direction of some brilliant jollop that will make me Rapunzel once more!

LadyOfTheCanyon Wed 06-Dec-17 21:00:31


pregz Wed 06-Dec-17 21:10:35

I love Pantene smooth and sleek shampoo and conditioner! I tried lots of expensive remedies total waste , never use anything else now. Hair always feels lovely and soft and gives me the shine that I never thought I'd have back with blonde hair..

Might not work for everyone but it's so inexpensive to compared to some that it's worth a try!

wheresmyphone Wed 06-Dec-17 21:13:34

leaving conditioner on over night and taking off in morning.

RedPanda25 Wed 06-Dec-17 21:20:25

I use olaplex which is a treatment which you use once a week in between hair dying etc. I think it’s great and have definitely noticed a difference. I get it from my hairdresser but I’m sure you’d be able to buy it elsewhere. It probably lasts me about two months of once a week treatment as I have quite long hair so I think it’s good value for money.

Piratesandpants Wed 06-Dec-17 21:21:39

Olive oil over night.

ExtraSpecial1 Wed 06-Dec-17 21:23:55

Google 'snowymoon's moisture treatment'. Easy, cheap and amazing!

gingerbreadmam Wed 06-Dec-17 21:25:25

I have used the kerastase ciment stuff when mine has been ruined and it really did help.

I love Moroccan oil stuff too. Smells lovely and is great on hair.

LadyOfTheCanyon Wed 06-Dec-17 22:47:29

Thanks all! I feel a Superdrug haul coming on!

TheLuckyMrsPine Thu 07-Dec-17 09:29:23

I use Aveda damage remedy shampoo, conditioner and the daily repair leave in treatment. This along with their dry remedy oil on the ends after styling have transformed my hair.

I've tried everything including Olaplex and Elasticizer and the Aveda is the only one that has made a noticeable difference

LaGattaNera Thu 07-Dec-17 09:32:59

I find even moisturising & nourishing conditioners not enough - the ones in bottles - so I buy the mask type ones in tubs and shower my hair and then leave the mask on my hair for 5 mins or so whilst washing myself so it has time to sink it and hair is lovely. Can be any tub - usually get them in places like Poundland etc so long as they are deep conditioning or get them in Superdrug etc if on offer - things like Tresemme for example but tubs only!

LaGattaNera Thu 07-Dec-17 09:33:26

shampoo my hair that should read

PenelopePickle Thu 07-Dec-17 09:41:21

I used to use a VO5 hot oil treatment which was very good on my dry, damaged hair.

It was just tubes of oil that you heated up in hot water so no doubt you can use olive oil or similar but please check before smothering yourself in cooking oil smile

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