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Dupe - Midnight Poison

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OutToGetYou Tue 05-Dec-17 20:47:40

My niece has asked for this for Christmas but it's discontinued.

Does anyone know of a reasonable dupe?


Buxbaum Tue 05-Dec-17 23:07:49

There are quite a few threads on Fragrantica with suggested dupes. Alternatively, Perfume Parlour do a dupe.

OutToGetYou Wed 06-Dec-17 09:39:17

Thank you - I shall take her to try a few of those. Much as I love her I think £450 for a [probably fake] perfume is going a bit far!

Calmwhoknows Thu 07-Dec-17 06:24:49

Just to say, the Perfume Parlour Midnight Poison is lovely (have just bought another bottle). Though I have no idea if it’s like the original as I have never smelt it!

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