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Brandecosse/fairfax & favour boots?!

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GrumpySusan Tue 05-Dec-17 18:23:06

DH is potentially treating me to a pair of boots for Xmas. Anyone any experience with either of these?
I want boots that are warm and waterproof, good for buggy walks/farm trips as well as a mooch round town. Thoughts welcome!
I'll post links but I can't do clever ones blush

GrumpySusan Tue 05-Dec-17 18:24:10

GrumpySusan Wed 06-Dec-17 12:52:49

Just bumping before I take the plunge x

horsefacedhelen Wed 06-Dec-17 13:26:17

Hi Op
I don't have experience of either of the brands you mention. But I got these last year which are very similar looking to your first link and much cheaper (£150ish plus postage).

I've not worn them much (mainly because I work in an office in the City) but perhaps a few times at weekends last winter and I have just got them out again this winter, but I'm pretty pleased with them thus far.

I know a few Mumsnetters bought them too (I first saw them on Mumsnet - think the thread was called Kate Middleton boots or something along those lines) so you could ask other people for opinions if you are interested.

They come from overseas and took a couple of weeks to arrive (can't remember exactly how long) so not sure you would get them in time for Christmas although you could always email them to ask.

horsefacedhelen Wed 06-Dec-17 13:34:37

Think this might be the thread:

NoParticularPattern Wed 06-Dec-17 13:47:00

I’d tell you to buy the F&F ones just because I love them and I’m not at all bitter that they don’t make them wide enough for my fat calves. But I would say that you should go and try them on somewhere before you decide to buy. I’ve tried their short boots and a friend has tried their long boots and they were both very narrow fitting we thought! Certainly not as generous in the foot as my Dubarry ones!

I have to say I’m not a fan of the others you linked, but I’m hardly the height of fashionable footwear (glares at favourite but very broken Chelsea boots)!!

NoParticularPattern Wed 06-Dec-17 13:48:18

Also yes, Kate has the F&F ones, but like helen says you can find some very very similar ones for a lot less money- they’ve done well out of the as seen on Kate Middleton branding!!

GrumpySusan Wed 06-Dec-17 13:58:59

Ahh replies! Thank you!
The f&f are lovely and a bit more 'stylish' for want of a better word. Bit concerned about the narrow fitting now though- never had an issue with calf fitting before and the nearest stockist is about an hour and a half drive away. Mind you for that price it would be worth it.

They are very similar Helen and I'm not in a mad rush to have them before Xmas, I'd be willing to wait if they're worth it!

I didn't realise Kate Middleton had them, that explains a lot.. Getting an error message when I click the thread but I'll try search it!

horsefacedhelen Wed 06-Dec-17 14:08:22

I thought Kate Middleton had these Penelope Chilvers ones, rather than F&F, although I might be wrong!

horsefacedhelen Wed 06-Dec-17 14:13:34

Link to Kate M thread seems to be working here

GrumpySusan Wed 06-Dec-17 14:32:16

I've got it now thankyou! Interesting thread too- I wonder if they are all much of a muchness but differently branded?! I'm happy to pay more if they are good quality (well DH is grin )
The Spanish ones you linked to seem to go down well on that thread- I will send link to DH for his consideration..

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