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This going out short playsuit with tights?

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JesusTapdancingChrist Tue 05-Dec-17 15:15:03

I bought this today for the Xmas party season and I love it. It's super flattering and very Studio 54 😀. It's a lovely bronze colour irl as well.

My issue is tights. There's no way I can do bare legs with it. Are tights with a playsuit ok? Would opaques be best?

My first thought was something a bit funkier like these spotty fishnets? Or I have the stripe top ones as well?

My style is quite quirky/alternative so I'm game for anything you can suggest really.

Shoes will be a chunky ankle boot of some kind with a heel.

Thank you!

AnnaAlyce Tue 05-Dec-17 16:07:57

I'd probably wear it with flesh coloured tights with a bit of a shimmer to them. It's a gorgeous play suit, where was it from?

Apileofballyhoo Tue 05-Dec-17 16:12:31

Not opaques, I think they'd look wrong. Some form of barely theres I think, but fishnets might work in a funky way.

Freetodowhatiwant Tue 05-Dec-17 16:21:51

Oh I love that! Where did you get it from? Please say!

I would wear it with black opaques depending on the length of the shorts. If very short - black opaques, this would look pretty funky with black heels too and maybe a black chunky bangle. If they are just short then nudes or sparkly tights. I also love nude fish nets - you look like you're in nudes until close up.

JesusTapdancingChrist Tue 05-Dec-17 16:23:26

Thanks everyone.

The playsuit is from Primark!!

The words 'flesh coloured tights' strike fear into me 😁 but I get what you mean. Will have a Google now.

ememem84 Tue 05-Dec-17 16:25:47

Primark?! That is from primark?

<sighs because my nearest primark is Exeter. Or Southampton by distance. Or London by travel time. Damm Channel Islands>

JesusTapdancingChrist Tue 05-Dec-17 16:28:34

Oh booooo ememem ☹️

It was £13 as well.

I'm only 5'3 so the shorts are not too short on me. Think the spotty fishnets could work well but will look for a shimmery alternative now. I'm quite pale so not sure how my legs would look in anything nude 😐.

StorminaBcup Tue 05-Dec-17 16:29:15

I’d go fishnets if that’s your style - you’ll pull it off. It reminds me of an Alison Goldfrapp outfit (in a good way!)

Freetodowhatiwant Tue 05-Dec-17 16:29:40

I'm heading right down to Primark tomorrow to try that on. Thanks!

Nude tights are actually pretty trendy right now believe it or not. I see a lot of 'the young folk' out in London in them these days. It's a jump for us who are used to them being a bit old lady but that's why I go for the nude fish nets.

JesusTapdancingChrist Tue 05-Dec-17 16:30:41

Oooh yeah that's a definite good thing Storm. She's a style crush of mine 😍😍.

QueenOfTheAndals Tue 05-Dec-17 16:31:32

If you're going the nude tights route then it's best to pay a little more and seek out ones that actually match your skin tone. Falke's Shelina tights are excellent and come in an open-toe version too.

franktheskank Tue 05-Dec-17 16:34:29

Black opaque s would look good with black ankle boots I think. No one wears flesh coloured tights anymore 😂

FergalBurgal Tue 05-Dec-17 16:54:04

I'd go for opaques. But I always wear opaques. Fishnets would look cool but make me feel chilly on your behalf.
Flesh coloured scare me too. American tan? grin

PhatSlag Tue 05-Dec-17 18:18:21

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is your friend here and then you won’t need tights.

ferrier Tue 05-Dec-17 18:26:27

I like the spotty fishnetty ones. I think the style matches the playsuit better ie a little on the flamboyant side. I hope that's what you're aiming for!

JesusTapdancingChrist Tue 05-Dec-17 19:59:31

ferrier flamboyant probably sums it up, yeah 💃😂.

Will try it on tomorrow with tights options and see how they look.

specialsubject Tue 05-Dec-17 20:43:56

Make sure the toilet door locks because i can see a practicality issue....

ememem84 Tue 05-Dec-17 22:03:07

But I want it!!!!

I’m 5’10. That’d probably be too sbort on me.

hugoagogo Tue 05-Dec-17 22:06:37

Imagine having to nip to the loo after a few drinkies in that playsuit/tights combo!!!shock

NC4now Tue 05-Dec-17 22:08:35

I love it! I’d go for black tights. Sheer would look good.

KnobJockey Tue 05-Dec-17 23:24:39

Love that! What a great find. Did anybody use to watch That 70s Show? Looks like a Laurie outfit.

You could totally get away with black opaques IMO. Or- maybe a bit too out there but...over the knee boots? If it's not too short on you?

What's the fit like on it? I want to go try it on now, but I know I'll be disappointed as I've got a long body, so unless playsuits are extra drapey I get the dreaded camel toe ☹️

fancyKnickers Wed 06-Dec-17 05:42:14

Love that. It wasn't in my Primark a couple of days ago...

I think it would work well with many tights options. What footwear are you going for?

KatharinaRosalie Wed 06-Dec-17 06:37:02

I think the playsuit itself is so striking that patterned tights would be an overkill. I would go for black opaques. I could not do bare legs for Xmas parties (unless in Australia of course)

teaandcakeat8 Wed 06-Dec-17 06:49:47

I have the same for my Christmas party!!

I don't think tights work though. I'm going with bare legs but with my leather jacket...

Christmastree43 Wed 06-Dec-17 06:56:30

I think the polka dot tights would look great with it!

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