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Invisalign - how much and what do I need to know?

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ChristmasTreeLight Mon 04-Dec-17 21:32:29

I had braces when I was younger but regrettably didn't keep up with the retainer idiot

I'm now considering Invisalign to get my teeth back to how they were. I'm just wondering on average how much I should be paying, and how do I decide which clinic to have them done at? Any tips welcome!

ChristmasTreeLight Mon 04-Dec-17 21:34:39

Can you do monthly payment plans and if so, how much are they?

museumum Mon 04-Dec-17 21:40:46

I paid nearly £4K. There were payment plans but I don’t know the details as I didn’t use one.
It took about a year but worked very well and I’m glad I did it.
Beware that the attachments on your teeth mean it’s uncomfortable to take the aligners out so you really do need to wear them all the time.

applecharlotte Mon 04-Dec-17 21:51:31

Hi - I’m looking into this too at the moment. Most places seem to offer a free consultation where they look at your teeth, take photos and X-rays then give you a quote/length of time it will take based on what they think you need.

I’ve had a quote from Sensu for £4K but seeing Finest Dental on Saturday thanks to a thread on here who have quoted £3k.

Sensu did lots of different payment plans all at 0% and FD do 12 months at 0% then interest after that. There seems to be lots of variation between providers so shop around!

Ellisisland Tue 05-Dec-17 16:27:38

I paid about £3k.
Things to be aware off are;

Takes a while to get used to wearing them.
Anyone who knows you well will likely notice as they make your teeth look shiny. Also it depends on how many attachments you need. I was lucky and only needed a few and on non obvious teeth but its worth checking with your dentist.
You will need to take a kit of toothbrush and paste every where you go and get used to taking them in and out before eating. I have had a few looks in restaurant bathrooms !
You will need some for of continued treatment afterwards. I know people who have gone for fixed wires to stop teeth from moving again but I have chosen to wear a retainer at night as I didn't want anything permanent.
Overall I am really glad I did it - time flew by and I now have perfect teeth so it was worth it for me.

MadisonMontgomery Tue 05-Dec-17 17:26:52

Mine cost me 3k - I paid cash though. I didn’t really think about the attachments, they look a bit odd and you won’t really want to have the aligners out as they look weird on their own. You will lisp a bit as well btw! Also I wouldn’t drink any tea or anything with them in, I stuck to water outside of meals - my friend has them and drinks a lot of tea, it has really discoloured her teeth.

littlekellysmum Tue 05-Dec-17 19:10:12

Invisalign costs about 3K to 4K on an average. You probably need to check with the cosmetic surgeon to see if installment schemes are available.

spydie Tue 05-Dec-17 19:53:01

I'm getting mine in 2 weeks! I'm paying 4.8k... paid a deposit and the rest is installments at 0%. I admittedly didn't shop around and this is with a BUPA orthodontist in an expensive part of Kent, but I liked the orthodontist who is incredibly experienced and felt comfortable. My treatment will take 16-18 months and my teeth are a bit of a mess tbh with bite issues on one side. I'm getting attachments on my canines and back teeth as well as elastic confused. The price includes any refinements as well as an overnight retainer and fixed wire for top and bottom front teeth.

Slightly nervous but already looking forward to the end result!

user1494670108 Tue 05-Dec-17 20:17:10

I was quoted £3700 but decided to go for a wire brace 8 weeks ago (£2000).
I'm happy with it, virtually invisible and no pain.
I think I'd have found the Invisalign too much faff and actually it isn't all that invisible either.
However, a different Dentist recently advised that the cost can vary hugely between surgeries so it may be worth shopping around.

bananafish81 Wed 06-Dec-17 23:50:24

I had an inman aligner rather than invisalign - transformed my lower front teeth in just 3 months. Total game changer. Also much cheaper than Invisalign - not suitable in all cases but would definitely recommend considering

I had ABB non invasive cosmetic treatment - alignment, bleach, bonding, total including all the bonding was around £5k as I recall. The inman was only a portion of this cost

I couldn't believe how quickly it worked!!

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