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DIY gel nails advice

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BillyDaveysDaughter Mon 04-Dec-17 12:07:19

I've had gel applied professionally every month for 8 years now - my nails are paper thin, weak and flaky, so left natural they just peel and split right down low at the sides (and tear off and bleed).

I've only ever been able to rely on bio sculpture - everything else (shellac, gelish, etc) is too thin/too soft and my nails bend and break underneath, because they are like wet newspaper.

My current technician introduced me to a gamechanger, Builder in a Bottle by The Gel Bottle Inc, but I still have bio sculpture colour applied over the top for added strength.

She is soon to stop working though, albeit temporarily - and I'd like to have a crack at doing my nails myself. I don't have any tips or extensions, only a layer over my own nails, and I have some questions for the experts out there!

1. Should I go for a mid-range, LED/UV combined lamp (£30-£50)? Or is a cheapo LED only lamp (<£20) just the same?
2. Now I know how to apply TGB rubber base and builder products as a base and they are available to non-professionals, could I use pretty much any old gel colour over the top? Or is there a non-professional equivalent to Bio for strength and flexibility? You can buy the odd bio product on ebay, but they tend to be the old pots which I THINK are only UV curable, and really Bio is for pro only anyway...
3. I have some no-wipe Bio top coat, and pretty sure it's just polish (super shiny finish, the bluey one). I don't need a gel top coat before that do I?

Thanks smile

XmasFairy86 Mon 04-Dec-17 22:08:05

I know nothing of TGB products or process but my lamp was £30 (?) off amazon and does me just fine!

BillyDaveysDaughter Mon 04-Dec-17 22:14:21

Thanks Fairy grin

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