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Please can someone recommend a good red lipstick?

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welliesandsequins Mon 04-Dec-17 07:50:50

Sorry, probably done a thousand times before; but I’d really like a red lipstick. I have warm, medium toned skin. Freckles and slightly rosy cheeks. Very ‘English rose’ apparently. Light brown (mousy!) hair and brown eyes.

Any recommendations/ideas anyone?

BluebellGal Mon 04-Dec-17 08:12:52

Everyone loves the lava lipstick from Illamasque on the Look Fantastic AC thread

It’s a natural flattering red

BluebellGal Mon 04-Dec-17 08:15:57

^ the shade is Vixen

MeMineUs Mon 04-Dec-17 09:34:31

Ruby woo from MAC

areyouanappliance Mon 04-Dec-17 09:37:02

I always recommend siren in scarlet matte by maybelline

hollowtree Mon 04-Dec-17 09:39:41

No.7 Stay Perfect do an amazing range and I use a particularly dark one but I have almost white skin and dark hair so it works in a sort of goth way! They literally do stay perfect as well

Juliecloud Mon 04-Dec-17 09:58:24

I got a Kate moss one from rimmel in superdrug after seeing a beauty vlogger recommend it.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 04-Dec-17 10:08:49

Lipstick Queen 'Sinner' range by Poppy King. I use Scarlet Red as the slight blue tone is more flattering for my skin tone (I think it's meant to be easier to wear than true red), but you could probably use Red if you wanted a real impact. It's a highly pigmented, matte red which is moisturising not drying. Pretty much perfect.

Tantpoke Mon 04-Dec-17 10:10:45

L'Absolou Rouge by Lancôme

NavyGold Mon 04-Dec-17 10:43:01

Stunna, from Fenty Beauty. Its formulated so that it suits a range of different skin tones. I bought it last week and absolutely love it.

Auldspinster Mon 04-Dec-17 11:32:18

Eden by NYX is a good non drying true matte red as is Really Red by Revlon.

GreyMorning Mon 04-Dec-17 13:29:42

Arthur by Chanel

Mrsmaudwatts Mon 04-Dec-17 13:48:09

I'm also looking, for one like This. Any ideas for a similar one?

Freetodowhatiwant Mon 04-Dec-17 13:53:27

I've recently discovered a brand called Lime Crime and their Velvetine lipsticks are amazing! They are matte and stay on and look fabulous. Red Velvet is a fabulous red very similar to Mac's Ruby Woo. I like the fact that the Lime Crime ones stay put though as otherwise I end up getting it on my chin and smudging it.

TeddyIsaHe Mon 04-Dec-17 13:56:52

Second Stunna by Fenty Beauty. No reds suit me but this one is amazing! No idea how it’s made but I think it might actually be magic. Plus it lasts and goes on amazingly.

rightknockered Mon 04-Dec-17 13:59:59

I like YSL Pur no 1, but it does bleed. I want one in that colour that stays put without being drying

Smashpumpkin Mon 04-Dec-17 14:00:58

I am very pale and MAC Russian Red is absolutey stunning. It’s a classic

kohl Mon 04-Dec-17 14:04:29

YY to Russian red.

Twofishfingers Mon 04-Dec-17 14:04:52

No 7, they have a shiny one and a matt one. I have both, but it's better if you go and try it on in a shop and see which one suits you best. I really like the Stay Perfect Red Brick but I have olive skin so you might need a different colour. It's really worth a go as they are no too expensive and you can see a consultant first and try it on.

QueenofallIsee Mon 04-Dec-17 14:05:52

Ruby Woo by MAC - blue undertone Red, stays on for ever

crazyspaniellady Mon 04-Dec-17 14:17:11

I love the original viva glam by MAC, but it’s not a “bright” red like ruby woo etc so might not be what you’re after

Loveache Mon 04-Dec-17 14:22:01

Chilli by MAC. I have warm colouring (natural redhead, only a few freckles left). It's very very flattering.

Smashpumpkin Mon 04-Dec-17 16:23:04

Loveache I haven’t heard of that one! Will have to give it a try smile

Sparkletastic Mon 04-Dec-17 16:33:21

Another MAC Russian Red vote or MAC Lady Danger.
Ruby Woo is horribly dry. I think there's more than a touch of the emperor's new clothes about its popularity. And I say that as a complete MAC lipstick devotee.

cuirderussie Mon 04-Dec-17 18:25:28

Agree re Ruby Woo, found it unwearably dry and flaky. Nothing special at all. hmm And so expensive!

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