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Help me with my skin

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TheCowWentMoo Sun 03-Dec-17 11:50:11

I've had really bad skin for a long time and I'm just fed up with it.
Its dry, I have a lot of redness which has always been the case but recently I've also been getting loads of spots, I've always had them on my chin but now they are spread out along my jaw bone too. I dont feel its fair to have dry and spotty skin fgrin
Can anyone recommend me any good skincare products? Money is tight so the cheaper the better really but I will pay more if it works. I'm thinking of going to the Dr about the spots but cant get an appt now till after Christmas so anything that can help in the mean time
On top of that does anyone know a good foundation for dry skin? I'm quite pale and feel like all the foundations I try cling to my dryness and make me look orange fsad

Baileystruffle Sun 03-Dec-17 17:55:59

What products do you currently use? Including cleansers am and pm, moisturisers etc.

SequinsOnEverything Sun 03-Dec-17 18:16:54

Honestly, the best and cheapest thing I've ever done for my skin was giving up dairy. A few people have commented on how good my skin is since I gave it up.

ginorwine Sun 03-Dec-17 18:19:02

The ordinary
Stockists can give you personal
E.g. Victoria health or deciem
Are stockists
They worked out a routine for both my daughter and I

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