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Best alternative to Urban Decay Naked palette?

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Justonedayatatime11 Fri 01-Dec-17 22:25:25

Really can't justify spending the best part of £40 on eyeshadow, particularly as I don't often wear make up. Can any of you suggest a more budget friendly alternative?

lurkymclurkerson Fri 01-Dec-17 22:27:21

Barry M used to do some good ones for about £6-8? Like Urban Decay they’re vegan/cruelty free. They’re not as big but they last quite well, especially with a good primer/bit of concealer underneath.

androbbob Fri 01-Dec-17 22:29:25

Revolution from Super drug or online from Beauty Bay or Tam Beauty are rev good and priced at less than avtenner

Hersetta427 Fri 01-Dec-17 22:36:40

Yep the makeup revolution iconic palettes 1-3 are dupes for naked palettes1-3. They are only about £6 and well worth it.

Butterfly1975 Fri 01-Dec-17 22:40:31

I have a Rimmel one which is very similar to the smokey palette. Lasts really well and a good mix of colours

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