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Sparkle body powder

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Lenny1980 Fri 01-Dec-17 19:03:18

Does anyone have a recommendation for a sparkly body powder? I don’t want bronzer, just sparkle. I had some as a teenager but far too long ago to remember where it came from!

coffeekittens Fri 01-Dec-17 19:14:33

Victoria secrets do one

Susimoo Fri 01-Dec-17 19:18:16

I was given a beautiful one from Benefit many years ago as a Christmas gift. I loved it and went to buy it again and couldn't believe the price. So it was never repurchased. I will watch with interest as I'd love one too

crazymissdaisy Fri 01-Dec-17 19:22:19

Yes benefit kitten powder- pretty box with a huge fluffy powder puff- do they still do them?

ColdFeetAndHotCakes Fri 01-Dec-17 19:56:51

Lush do one still I think in pink or blue, one smells like candy floss, and the other orange.

Susimoo Fri 01-Dec-17 21:47:51

@crazymissdaisy that's the one! Loved it.

stormnigel Fri 01-Dec-17 22:03:19

I don't think they do kitten powder any more. I used to love it!!

Susimoo Sat 02-Dec-17 09:09:16

I looked up the website. You are correct. 😕

I am tempted to check out the lush one but I haven't been inside a lush in ten years as I find the smell a sensory overload and headache inducing. 😢

I may be brave this afternoon 😬

crazymissdaisy Sat 02-Dec-17 09:27:40

Sometimes boots do one for Christmas in teenage girl packaging with their beauty gifts, I will have a look todaysmile

callow Sat 02-Dec-17 10:04:51

Bodyshop do one called The Sparkler Gold

stormnigel Sun 03-Dec-17 07:32:13

Susimoo, I can't go in Lush either. I want to like it but the smell! It makes my throat close up instantly....

Auldspinster Sun 03-Dec-17 08:42:04

I had an ancient urban decay one that smelt of gingerbread and was edible.

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