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There must be a quicker way to do make-up?!

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Opheliasgoldenwine Fri 01-Dec-17 12:27:44

I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Every day I wear makeup, I always do:

Foundation with a beauty blender
Sometimes contour cheeks but only roughly once every two weeks
Fill in eyebrows
Do an eyeshadow for a base colour, not a cut crease or anything
Winged eyeliner

This takes me the better part of an hour. It takes me about 10 minutes to do foundation, as I'm paranoid about blending it in and having the coverage that I want. I look like I wear an average amount of it, not like one of this girls you see on Instagram. It shouldn't take this long, should it?! Am I doing something wrong?confused

Paintbox Fri 01-Dec-17 12:31:56

THats ages!! An hour for make up every day is too long imo. I’m sure you don’t need to blend your foundation for 10 minutes, and if so then I reckon you’re wearing the wrong foundation

Paintbox Fri 01-Dec-17 12:33:06

BY the way I do most of what’s you said and it takes me less than 10 mins

WipsGlitter Fri 01-Dec-17 12:36:34

Well that a lot of make up! I've had mine done professionally and it didn't take that long. Mine takes about 7 minutes

Foundation with my hands
Lipstick done in the car grin

blueskyinmarch Fri 01-Dec-17 12:36:48

I do:

5 minutes - 10 if I am going out and want to be super careful ( but it always looks exactly the same).

How the hell does it take you an hour! I can do shower, dress, dry hair and make up on to out the door in 20 minutes!

RebeccaCloud9 Fri 01-Dec-17 12:39:06

Foundation with fingers - blends amazingly and soooo much quicker than with a beauty blender.

RebeccaCloud9 Fri 01-Dec-17 12:39:43

Maybe do a quick eye shadow liner rather than a wing.

RoganJosh Fri 01-Dec-17 12:40:06

Are you having to redo your eyeliner multiple times?

Curiousgeorgey Fri 01-Dec-17 12:41:43

I dont do eyeshadow or eyeliner but it takes me about 15 minutes on an average day.

I blend my foundation with a brush then blend with a beauty blender which I find makes it quicker.

RebeccaCloud9 Fri 01-Dec-17 12:41:56

Everyday I wear primer, foundation, concealer, powder, contour, highlight, cream and powder blush, fill in eyebrows, shadow liner, curl eyelashes, lipbalm or lipstick and mascara. Takes about 10 minutes. 20 minutes absolute tops if I'm going out and doing lots of eyeshadow and liner.

Ecureuil Fri 01-Dec-17 12:42:58

I do shower, blow dry hair, straighten hair and make up in 35 mins. That includes primer, foundation, highlighter, mascara, fill in eyebrows and eyeshadow.

BeetrootTart Fri 01-Dec-17 12:45:13

Bloody hell! I only wear foundation, blush and lipstick during the week. Takes under 5 minutes.

Having gone full circle with foundation application, fingertips are best. If your foundation is the right colour and decent formula there's no reason to blend it for 10 minutes.

EverythingEverywhere1234 Fri 01-Dec-17 12:47:54

Crikey that seems ever such a long time, I am surprised by that! For reference, I get up at 6:10, shower, dry and straighten long hair and do make up to be out of the door for 7 (no distractions mind)
Make up includes;
Under eye concealer
Light contour
Liquid eyeliner
Eyeshadow (normally 2 colours)
Fill in brows

TeachesOfPeaches Fri 01-Dec-17 12:48:21

I wear foundation, blusher, full in eyebrows, mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick everyday and it takes maximum 5 minutes.

Get rid of the contour and winged eyeliner for a start.

Killerfiller Fri 01-Dec-17 12:49:54

Do you do this even on days you don't leave the house ?

Opheliasgoldenwine Fri 01-Dec-17 12:53:18

Killer no grin

Braceface Fri 01-Dec-17 12:53:51

What is a beauty blender? misses point of thread

Time40 Fri 01-Dec-17 12:54:24

I did that sort of make-up this morning, and it took me 13 minutes. Yes, I'd definitely say use your fingers for the foundation - it's much quicker, and fingers warm it up and help it to blend into your skin much better, too. Do you work in a really, really good light? Maybe you're fussing with it a lot because you can't quite see exactly what you're doing? In the daytime, I do mine right in front of a window, and in the evening I've got one of those light-up mirrors - they're great!

Opheliasgoldenwine Fri 01-Dec-17 12:56:19

When I do less makeup eg foundation, eyebrows, eyeshadow, mascara, highlight and lipstick that still takes me about 20/25 minutes. Eyebrows take a while (i use ABH dipbrow) and almost always need to be corrected a little.

Opheliasgoldenwine Fri 01-Dec-17 12:57:15

Brace it's a sponge used to blend foundation smile

Looneytune253 Fri 01-Dec-17 12:58:07

Why do we need this much make up unless we’re going out out. I get up at 645 and start work (at home) at 715. I run a bath, get a cuppa, have a quick bath, straighten hair and foundation and powder on. That’s it. I do have semi perm lashes which saves me doing mascara and makes a huge difference but that’s it.

CremeDeSudo Fri 01-Dec-17 13:01:18

Can't understand how this takes you so long!

I do,

Serum/sun screen/primer
Eyeshadow, one colour
Pencil eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner for wings
Lip tint

10 mins.

Sarahh2014 Fri 01-Dec-17 13:02:16

I do foundation,concealer,powder,bronzer,eyeshadow,eyeliner,liquid eyeliner and mascara In 20 mins

WipsGlitter Fri 01-Dec-17 13:02:20

I agree if you're doing that much blending your foundation is the wrong colour.

ZaraW Fri 01-Dec-17 13:02:58

Mine takes 5 minutes unless I'm going out for the night.

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