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Grey hair: I feel old

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Sparebutton Thu 30-Nov-17 23:30:05

Following a period of illness, I've been unable to get to the hairdresser to get my colour done. I'm now half grey / half brunette. Not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, I've got more important things than my hair to worry about and I am well on the way to growing out the colour. On the other, my illness has made me feel sad and old and when I look in the mirror, I see a sad, old version of me. Should I leave my hair and power through to full greyness, or get it coloured?

Acrosstheuniverse123 Thu 30-Nov-17 23:31:44

There is a thread on this subject running at the moment.. take a look. It’s very interesting.

Sparebutton Thu 30-Nov-17 23:46:23

Do you mean the 'head shave to go grey'? I have looked at that thread. The grey hair looks amazing and I found the messages and pictures really inspirational. I'm just not sure if it's the right time for me to do this. My illness has changed a lot of things in my life and has left me feeling a bit down.

soasnottooutmyself Thu 30-Nov-17 23:49:16

To be honest you sound like you know what you want? You don't sound like you want to be grey right now xxxxxxxx

soasnottooutmyself Thu 30-Nov-17 23:49:38

(Sorry excess kisses from habit!)

CurlyPJ Fri 01-Dec-17 09:03:17

I hope you are feeling and the illness is now in the past. flowers

Hair wise - to be honest, it sounds like you are half-way there - as in having ditched the dye. If you dye again you will be back on the root-retouch routine.

If you are happy with the dye- routine and do not want to go grey then get a colour and cut booked.

If however you are sick of the dye-treadmill would it be worth just going for it? Get a cut - and cut only. There are places (FB pages like "Going Grey Gracefully" that can offer help and support - and real inspiration - through the transition. You could also talk to your hairdresser - they may be able to offer some help with the the transition - such as some highlights to blend in the difference and allow you to fully grow out the dye. Or maybe a pixie cut?

I did a pixie and ditched the dye 2 years ago. I feel far better without the always-slightly-the-wrong-shade dye. My grey (now shoulder length) suits me better. I have had to slightly adjust the colours I wear, maybe add a deeper shade of lipstick. But my skin is more vibrant and I look better.

If you think that embracing your grey is something you may want to do soon then maybe use this as an opportunity. It can be a difficult thing to do if you are not "ready".

BulletFox Fri 01-Dec-17 09:09:46

Sorry to hear about your illness, hope you've had a good revovery.

I had a few white strands earlier this year and personally regret dyeing it. I hadn't dyed it in years.

It's up to you though!

Sparebutton Fri 01-Dec-17 22:40:08

Thanks everyone! Yes, it does sound like I don't want to go grey, but I'm really not sure. I think I will do as CurlyPJ suggests above, and book a cut for next week. I will then see how I feel. Xx

CurlyPJ Sat 02-Dec-17 17:04:59

Cool. And don't forget that some hairdressers will try and talk you out of stopping the dye - because it is their regular source of income. If your stylist is very disparaging about going grey then remember that they may be (very) biased towards keeping the need for regular appointments (and therefore £££) rather than what may or may not suit you.

I hope a new cut (and maybe a lipstick/bright scarf) goes someway to making you feel more vibrant. flowers

BubblesBuddy Sat 02-Dec-17 19:57:57

I guess I would be pretty grey if I didn’t get it dyed. However my DDs are in their early 20s and I am really not ready to be grey. It’s not me! I would become my mum! So I pay up and actually I quite enjoy the “me” that comes out of the hairdresser. “Me” is a brunette and will be for a few years yet and while I can still afford it. If I was short of money, I would have to go grey.

kaitlinktm Sat 02-Dec-17 20:36:08

I really think it's time I did this, I am 62 and have been dyeing my hair for years. Trouble is my hairdresser tells me that although I am grey on the top and sides, the back is still relatively dark - how weird is that going to look? Also, with age alas, the hair on the crown of my head is thinning. I find this more upsetting than the greyness tbh - I used to have such thick hair. sad It's longish too - although I am prepared to have some inches cut off, my ugly mug can't take a short style.

I am now semi-retired and work very part time, so really could do without the expense and I really resent the time spent at the hairdresser too.

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