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Very warm but smart coat?

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HistoryMad Thu 30-Nov-17 20:43:07

Hi, I am looking for a very warm but smart looking coat, and I'm finding it difficult to fine one.

I currently have a puffer coat similar to this but I'd like one that is just as warm but more flattering? I am a size 10-12. I have small waist line, and a large bottom, so something that comes in at the waist tends to look more flattering.

Abingdon Fri 01-Dec-17 10:48:51

I'm sorry I can't help but I'm looking for the exact same type of thing.
Surely someone has some ideas? smile

MonkeyJumping Fri 01-Dec-17 10:50:52

Try seasalt

Gwenhwyfar Sat 02-Dec-17 12:44:24

I don't think they exist. Smart, woollen coats don't seem to be as warm as puffer style or down coats.

EssentialHummus Sat 02-Dec-17 12:49:06

I'm a fan of Hobbs for winter coats - worth a go? The one I bought (well, the model) turned up on Kate Middleton a year later, so for once I got something right grin.

KatherinaMinola Sat 02-Dec-17 12:59:30

Also don't think such a thing exists. Hobbs do 100% wool coats, which is as warm as you'll get for something truly smart, but I find they don't cut it if you're spending 2-3 hours in the park in winter. They'd be fine for work.

Gwenhwyfar Sat 02-Dec-17 13:03:35

Katherine - fine for work if you go there by car maybe. I would have been too cold walking to the station in a woollen coat the day before yesterday. I had my down coat on. It's unflattering and leaves bits everywhere, but it's warm.

drspouse Sat 02-Dec-17 13:06:41

I have one that's padded, full length but waterproof and not puffa style, no drawstring at the waist.
Mine is Craghoppers but I'm pretty sure I used to have one from Regatta. Both from a few years ago but v warm.

drspouse Sat 02-Dec-17 13:07:59

This kind of thing

MayFayner Sat 02-Dec-17 13:09:21

You could also get a very thin down coat e.g. Uniqlo ultra-light down, and wear under your wool coat on really cold days. I do this if I want to be warm but look smart-ish.

Then I have a Patagonia parka for when I'm spending a lot of time outdoors in cold/ wet weather. It's warm and waterproof but it's still a parka so not the most stylish. It was also £££ but I was lucky to get it half price.

KatherinaMinola Sat 02-Dec-17 13:10:03

Me too - I put warmth above style. Thinking about it, when I used to commute by train I needed an arctic coat to cope with the almost-daily winter cancellations and a cold platform. Luckily I'm not required to very smart.

NoelNiki Sat 02-Dec-17 13:15:49

That original coat is as smart as you'll get.

A wool coat and freeze or drop the fashion sense and be warm is something I have realised.

secondhoneymoon Sat 02-Dec-17 13:18:01

Ooh I love that Craghoppers coat @drspouse . Have you bought from them before? Wondering about their sizing

drspouse Sat 02-Dec-17 16:19:26

Hi second my current one is from them and I sized up purely so I can fit a thick jumper or jacket under. They are pretty TTS I'd say.

Pangur2 Sat 02-Dec-17 16:32:21

I have a lot of Collectif coats. They are a bit overpriced for the quality (buttons falling off) but v warm. I usually get them on sale. They'll really suit you if you have a small waist.

nbee84 Sat 02-Dec-17 16:35:27

I like the idea of the uniqlo ultra light down jacket under a wool coat. That sounds like it could work

buggerthebotox Sat 02-Dec-17 16:40:58

I have an oversized coat from ASOS which isn't particularly warm but I can wear loads of scarves and layers underneath it to make it warmer. I hate puffy coats with a vengeance-imho they never look "smart" no matter how expensive.

yasmin05 Sat 02-Dec-17 16:48:02

I have the Craghoppers coat and it's the coziest when I need one.

Horsemad Sun 03-Dec-17 00:18:37

I love that Craghoppers coat.

CountFosco Sun 03-Dec-17 06:48:00

Where are you all living in the UK that a woolen coat is not sufficient (I accept that in cold countries more technology would be required)? I've got a lovely felted wool coat from Boden that keeps me warm enough whether I'm in the NE or the north of Scotland. It was 8C yesterday and I was too hot in it. Wear layers if you are cold, thermal underwear and cashmere jumpers provide warmth without reducing your smartness. And keep your extremities warm: hats, gloves and boot liners will keep you cozy.

MonkeyJumping Sun 03-Dec-17 08:23:18

I'm in London but a wool coat isn't enough. The problem is that as soon as you go inside, the heating will be on full blast, and it's too hot. I can't wear lots of layers and thermals, unless I want to strip them off each time I walk into a shop, so I wear normal clothes and a warm coat.

buggerthebotox Sun 03-Dec-17 08:55:50

I soo agree with keeping extremities warm, though. I actually wore a Willy hat for the first time in yonks and it was so warm -- and itchy--.

I'm ok as long as it doesn't get below around 10C. Then I really feel it wuss.

Floisme Sun 03-Dec-17 09:15:14

I have a Seasalt for seriously wet weather but I wear a wool coat any chance I get - they're the best thing about winter. But - unless I come into money and can spend £500+ - I can't see myself buying new ever again. Even when I do see a proper wool coat on the high street (rare), they don't fasten up properly so the cold still rips straight through. Second hand all the way for me - pure wool plus they button all the way up and have a decent overlap.

silkpyjamasallday Sun 03-Dec-17 09:22:39

Get a thin uniqlo puffer gilet and wear that under a smart wool or cashmere full length coat and get a thick woolly scarf to fill in any gaps on the neckline.

Smellylittleorange Sun 03-Dec-17 09:49:44

Lol @ Willy coat <childish>
I had the Craghoppers coat ...too warm. It was also tightish arpund hip/bottom area.
Then again I live on the South Coast. I'm still wearing my thin waxed primark parka. I think if you want to stay smart packable puffa jackets are the way to go i also wear cashmere fingerless gloves and woolly beret plus big oversized scarf if going up to london

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