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Diamond ring

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tulipz Thu 30-Nov-17 13:01:50

Hi, has anyone got any experience with the website

I'm looking for a ring and this website looks good, but i've never heard about it before.


BubblesBuddy Thu 30-Nov-17 13:29:09

Buy a second hand one to save money and you will know exactly what you are buying! Much safer in my view!

tulipz Thu 30-Nov-17 16:26:21

Where would you start to look for a second hand one, please? I don't have a clue!


dreamingofsun Thu 30-Nov-17 16:59:44

if you buy second hand rings is it normal to pay the price displayed or do people barter? And how do you know its genuine?

tulipz Thu 30-Nov-17 17:02:15

oh, yes, that's interesting! hope someone can answer! smile

Doobigetta Thu 30-Nov-17 18:10:10

I got my engagement ring from diamond heaven and I definitely recommend them. We got great service, and the ring is beautiful and has had lots of compliments. We'll be going back there for our wedding rings.

BobbinThreadbare123 Thu 30-Nov-17 18:14:21

My engagement ring is from Diamond Heaven. They were excellent and very helpful. They sourced a super diamond for DH and let him be very fussy about it all! Also it's all certificated etc.

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