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How can I get boots re-heeled?

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PrivateParkin Thu 30-Nov-17 09:52:04

I have a pair of knee high Aldo boots that I love. After 3 winters of regular wear, the heel on one has come completely off. I took them into Timpson's where the guy said he could repair them, but only with a black heel confused (the original heels are light brown) which would cost £50 as he'd have to do both and they probably wouldn't look any good anyway. So that was no use. I haven't seen any others that I like anywhere near as much as my old favourites (and I have really wide feet and always struggle to find shoes that fit, another reason I don't really want new ones). Apart from the heel they are in good nick. So this is a v long-winded way of asking if anyone knows how/where I could get them properly repaired with heels that match - or is this impossible? I've Googled but no joy. Any advice please?

dontquotemeondailymail Thu 30-Nov-17 09:58:16

Have you got a more traditional cobbler nearby? Not a chain like Timpsons, but a more local, independent one may be more helpful.

PrivateParkin Thu 30-Nov-17 12:00:55

Thanks - yes that's true. I'm not sure if there is one locally but I will look into it. From the way the Timpson's guy was talking, it sounded like it needed some really specialist input or something! Maybe these days most people just buy new boots...

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 30-Nov-17 12:04:12

Definitely try and independent cobbler- I've got two pair in one pair needed new soles and other reheeling and new soles for £38

PrivateParkin Thu 30-Nov-17 13:18:18

Thanks wishful. Sounds like that's the way to go.

CointreauVersial Thu 30-Nov-17 13:29:04

If you are saying the whole heel has come off, then it is probably curtains for your boots.

Reheeling (i.e. replacing the worn out tip/sole of the heel) is straightforward, but replacing a heel is much more complicated.

PrivateParkin Thu 30-Nov-17 14:14:16

Cointreau yes it's not just worn down, it's cracked off. Well half of it has - so the whole thing would need to be replaced I guess. Yes maybe I need to accept the harsh reality that they will have to be binned!

gaggiagirl Thu 30-Nov-17 14:19:01

Are you in the UK? I know of a shoe restoration shop that might be able to help. He's an independent cobbler but wins awards for such stuff.
Having said that he couldn't help me with mine as he said my shoes weren't made to be repaired the are made to be replaced.

gaggiagirl Thu 30-Nov-17 14:22:08

Here's the website anyway but I dare say any skilled local cobbler offers similar

PrivateParkin Thu 30-Nov-17 14:41:04

Yes I'm in the UK - thanks gaggia. I have found a local one but if that's no good I'll try your guy - looks excellent. Thanks v much.

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