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"No eye makeup" looks ? Looking to minimize eye irritation

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Dustbunny1900 Mon 20-Nov-17 15:26:05

I'm trying to lay off any eyeshadow/liner/mascara/fake lashes/any makeup around the delicate eye area ..realized how much pulling, tugging, and irritation people put their eyelids through with makeup application and removal and I don't want eye bags. Even when gentle, it's more irritation than I want.

I don't wear anything besides tinted sunscreen on a regular basis (I have good skin, so don't use foundation, highlighter or concealer) , but I need makeup of some kind for work I've decided to try flushed cheeks, full brows, and a good lip color.

Are "too faced flushed" blushes any good? Do they blend well with "Dewey" tinted sunscreen/moisturizer? Or should I stick with cream? Im trying to find a good blush.
I'm also thinking of a lip stain
This is the closest I can get to a pic of the look I'm thinking of
Any tips??

doubleshotespresso Mon 20-Nov-17 15:51:04


I have found that reducing the amount of powders (and especially anything at all glittery) really helped minimise irritations....

I have not tried Too Faced, but Bobbi Brown/Maybelline/YSL/Rimmel/Revolution (not sure of your budget but there's something out there for all) all do either little pots of cream blush or all -purpose sticks that blend beautifully....

The Bobbi Brown pot is amazing and provides a lovely dewy finish and lasts really well and would last you a good six months.

To achieve the look on the right, both Body Shop and Benefit do a lip and cheek stain that comes in a glass bottle (looks a bit like nail polish but gives a sheer wash of colour on the cheeks and stains the lips for ages).

There are loads of lip stains and matte finish liquid lipsticks from most high-street brands too.

For eye make-up, creams and crayons work really well without looking too "made-up). Clinique Chubby Sticks are great universal crayons that can be used on various parts of the face and there are lots of high street dupes.

Maybe just a clear mascara for eyebrows?

Hope this all helps!

trainedopossum Mon 20-Nov-17 19:13:23

I find anything containing silicones irritates my eyes, and sadly so does Latisse, which is unfortunate as it's the only thing that gives me eyelashes.

I like Korres lip butters (pomegranate is my fave). I smear a little on mouth and cheeks and it does help me look more alive even when my face is otherwise bare. I also like a bright red lipstick on a bare (or bareish) face. I feel too made-up and Addicted to Love-ish with a full face of makeup.

A bit of highlighter is magic when you go light on other makeup.

Dustbunny1900 Mon 20-Nov-17 22:01:05

Haha “addicted to love-ish” 😂

Thanks guys, I got a chubby crayon “cream” blush and if I like the look I’ll check out the Bobby brown etc more expensive ones.
I’m a “soft summer” with deeper muted coloring so I usually stick to muaves and dusty rose colors , maybe a plumb would be a good bold lip color

Bodicea Tue 21-Nov-17 10:56:31

I get eczema on my eyes so limit eye makeup to the weekend.

I dye my eyelashes and brows regularly and to make up for it. I use an eyebrow pencil and always curl my lashes too.

I also love a good cheek highlighter and focus on blusher/highlighter

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