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Partner going bald at 28. Is there anything he can do?

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partnerlosinghair Sun 19-Nov-17 21:29:07

My DP is 28. His hairline started receding about 2 years ago. He has tried to put a brave face on it publicly, but it's severely affected his self-esteem. None of his mates are losing their hair and he doesn't know of any family members who have started losing it that young. He doesn't want to shave it off. Has talked about going abroad for a hair transplant as apparently it's a lot cheaper than in the UK. I was wondering if anyone has experience of a partner going bald and how they dealt with it? How effective are hair transplants?

Mulberrysilk Sun 19-Nov-17 22:17:44

Rogaine (bought of the web from the US) bought Dh some time. It helped him hold on to his hair for a good 10 years longer than he would have. It's not working so well now, 15 years later, but it definitely slowed the progress.

Miauu Mon 20-Nov-17 06:00:30

DH went on a health kick (unrelated to hair loss) and welcome side effect was it halted the decline quite effectively. Some of the fine, downy hair at the edges also got thicker and stronger. Basically:
1. He looked up RDAs of all vitamins and minerals and found supplements that covered that totally
2. Had a food intolerance blood test done and cut out the things he reacted to
3. Upped his protein significantly to a daily min 1g per lb of lean body weight
4. Increased fruit and veggies to 8-10 portions a day.

CantChoose Mon 20-Nov-17 06:58:39

The advice above covers pretty much everything. Make sure he is getting plenty of iron and B vitamins.
Many, many food intolerance tests are bullshit though unfortunately so be bit more careful about that. An elimination diet under the supervision of a dietician is one of the only accurate ways to test. Anything involving testing hair or using some kind of electrode is total nonsense. There are some more accurate blood tests available but they’re to identify true allergy rather than something not being optimal for you.
If he decided to have cosmetic treatments abroad it’s very important that he makes sure the clinic offers easy access to follow up in the UK in case of any issues like infection as you will be given a huge bill for sorting out someone else’s mess if you have to be seen privately as an emergency in the UK.
If it’s any consolation, my DH started to go bald at about 23 but it stopped very ubruptly and has been stable for years. He now has a bit of a receeded hairline but nothing dramatic.

Zxyzoey31 Mon 20-Nov-17 08:28:27

If it is genetic nothing is going to make much real difference. Minerals and collagen might help slightly. It happened to my Dh in his 20s. Affected his confidence too but you have to learn to adapt and accept.

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