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Help alternative to next enhancer jeans - any recommendations?!?

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Kittykate15 Sun 19-Nov-17 10:40:57

Hi all hoping someone might have some suggestions. After years of not finding the right jeans I finally found the next high waisted enhancer ones... Which I utterly love. I'm a size 16 classic hour glass and so many jeans are cut so low that I always feel conscious about my bum hanging out, especially when chasing around after two active boys. The next ones are just that bit higher cut, but comfy, wear well and at £30 i didn't need a second mortgage to afford them! Typically of course they now don't make them. Anyone have recommendations for an alternative? Happy to spend a bit more than £30 for the right thing but not over £100. Thanks in advance

Theresahairbrushinthefridge Sun 19-Nov-17 10:42:35

I also need high waist. Try m and s. £35 ish. Will look up name for you later.

keepingbees Sun 19-Nov-17 10:50:27

New look do high waisted jeans. I buy them as I hate low cut. I’ve no hips so I need something high to stay up!

Theresahairbrushinthefridge Sun 19-Nov-17 19:29:24

They were Per Una I think called Roma rise

outout Sun 19-Nov-17 19:34:54

Topshop Joni. The ultimate high waisted jeans. Come in a huge variety of colours, sizes and leg lengths. They are my holy grail.

TherealDeeBliss Sun 19-Nov-17 19:35:58

The next 360 ones are really good. A bit more expensive than the enhance but such a good fit. The only jeans I don’t need to wear a belt with

NextInLine Sun 19-Nov-17 19:39:27

Have they stopped making them?! shock they were also my go to jeans!
The other ones I wear are h & m high waist skinny jeans. They fit lovely and have just enough stretch in to be comfortable yet fitted.

Kittykate15 Sun 19-Nov-17 19:45:53

Think so nextinline not listed on website anymore :-(

Thanks for the pointers, haven't been in topshop for years (suddenly felt too old and not cool enough!!!) but will brave it for the sake of trying some on. Sounds like a shopping trip is in order, just have to offload the 2yr old on his darling grandparents for a day!!!

outout Sun 19-Nov-17 20:40:50

Bollocks to age. I have loads of Topshop stuff. I go in there with DS in the buggy and don’t give a shit. It’s worth it for the Joni jeans grin Although I do a confused face at some of the clothes...

Lesley1980 Sun 19-Nov-17 21:05:46

I used to wear them too. Next slim, lift,shape ones at £45 are the same. I was a 14 in the enhancer jeans but had to move up to a 16 in these ones. They still have the same high waist double button.

travailtotravel Sun 19-Nov-17 21:14:04

They don't make Roma rise anymore. Typical m&s, stop the stuff you actually want to buy ...

CaseStudyResearch Sun 19-Nov-17 21:16:21

ASOS Rivington jeans are amazing. High waisted enough to hold everything in, enough stretch to be comfortable & decent price.

I like that in some of the colours, they do 31-33-35 inch waist too if you're between sizes.

20% off today if you have/know anyone who has a student card

Hippadippadation Mon 20-Nov-17 06:34:41

I've heard good things about the Tesco contour jeans. I've not tried them, but a friend who is obsessed with the Next ones loves them.

WanderingTrolley1 Mon 20-Nov-17 06:41:55


Ofgreetingsandgoodbyes Mon 20-Nov-17 11:37:34

Topshop Jamie jeans are also great- high waist, thicker denim to hold you in and wide colour range. Also have pockets on front which is always more flattering than the high waisted that are flat fronted.

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