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Are these boots frumpy?

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HateSummer Sat 18-Nov-17 21:11:06

If so, are there any kind of ankle boots without much of a heel that look nice? Desperately need something comfortable and that doesn’t break the bank balance.

Justwaitingforaline Sat 18-Nov-17 21:16:17

Sorry OP, I’m not a fan! Would this kind of thing work? Next to no heel here...

MummySparkle Sat 18-Nov-17 21:17:36

I like them, but all of my shoes are built for comfrt

JaneEyre70 Sat 18-Nov-17 21:18:40

I think they look nice, OP, and comfortable. I'd be a little unsure about suede, that's the only thing I'd say, as I tend to wreck it easily.......

MsJolly Sat 18-Nov-17 21:20:08

I would say they are frumpy yes-more of an over 65 I have bunions look.

Screamer1 Sat 18-Nov-17 21:20:21

I like justwaitings alternative suggestion

Alwaysinmyheart Sat 18-Nov-17 21:20:38

I'm getting old as my first thought was ooh they look comfy! 😀

HateSummer Sat 18-Nov-17 21:21:32

Yes those look nice, but are the reliably comfy aswell?
I’ve not got one pair of comfortable shoes atm. They’re tight pinching converse or heavy doc martens that make my ankles ache (even though they’re supposed to be flipping comfy). I’m even dreaming at night these days of tight shoes that make my feet hurt ☹️.

HateSummer Sat 18-Nov-17 21:22:37

Alwaysinmyheart 😂

SellMySoulForMoreSleep Sat 18-Nov-17 21:29:12

I was 8n office the other day and saw these which I really liked.

Spam88 Sat 18-Nov-17 21:33:18

They’d be fine with a different sole/heel I think. New Look have got quite a few pairs of flat black boots in at the moment (have a look at the kids range as well if you’re a 7 or less).

JaceLancs Sat 18-Nov-17 21:43:28

Yes I would’nt wear them - my 78 year old mum would
I think it’s the sole that does it for me
I have quite a few pairs of ankle boots mainly Dune and kurt Geiger but even Clark’s have some flat more stylish options

HateSummer Sat 18-Nov-17 21:51:37

Man, I can’t wait to be in my 70’s.

Thanks for the suggestions I’m going to have a look now.

hendricksyousay Sat 18-Nov-17 21:55:10 This sole is very on trend and these are super comfy . They look fab with skinny jeans etc .

PatchworkGirl Sat 18-Nov-17 21:55:11

I think they look fine - not at all frumpy. I like no heel (not low heel) boots and shoes and they're not easy to find.

SwedishEdith Sat 18-Nov-17 21:55:35

What's your budget?

HateSummer Sat 18-Nov-17 22:56:27

I really like those tesco ones. I like the sole too.

My budget is anything up to £30 (not much I know).

hendricksyousay Sun 19-Nov-17 07:03:07

They are fab and much nicer than yours in the op . 😬

HateSummer Sun 19-Nov-17 08:57:42

Alright alright! grin My mum always did say I was an old woman in my last life..I blame that!

PolkaDottyRose Sun 19-Nov-17 09:07:11

I don't think they are frumpy at all. And who will see the sole? only people lying on the pavement.

CisCucumber Sun 19-Nov-17 09:11:35

Try Sainsbury's they have nice boots at a very reasonable price
I like these but I go against the grain of what most of mumsnet like
They are in a darker colour too and they have some nice black ankle boots

DollyPartonsBeard Sun 19-Nov-17 09:16:32

I bought the Tesco ones in black yesterday - they feel very cosy on. I got them after reading loads of threads here suggesting that I needed ankle boots to appear more stylish and modern.

I was a bit confused about buying them because I have many pairs of boots but I slipped and fell coming into the house because the sole grips on my trusty (possibly frumpy?) old knee length ones had worn off, so I was able to gleefully justify buying the Tesco ones to DP.

DollyPartonsBeard Sun 19-Nov-17 09:18:31

Here are the tesco boots in black.

madeyemoodysmum Sun 19-Nov-17 09:21:23

Thanks. These Tesco ones are fab and I've just ordered them.

FutureMrsTempah Sun 19-Nov-17 10:02:42

If you have smallish feet (upto a 6 I think) M&S have some lovely ankle boots in

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