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New look sizing

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lovemylover Sat 18-Nov-17 11:15:39

Ordered a dress i liked online from New look,it arrived this morning,
I am a size 10, everything i have that fits is size 10
I cant even get this dress over my head, it jhas no zipp or fasteners, the sleeves are so narrow i wouldnt get my arms in them
Wondering if the wrong size has been put on it,
To look at it it looks more like a 10 year olds
So disappointed, will have to return it, and hope they have a larger size,

Kenworthington Sat 18-Nov-17 11:22:11

Sizing is bonkers and totally inconsistent. I used to work there so saw it all the time and I had stuff that was a size 12 right up to an 18. I am generally a 16

LetsGoFlyAKiteee Sat 18-Nov-17 11:44:47

Their sizing is all over the place. Which is annoying when you order something knowing the size you are and when you try it on its way way off.

Then again I have ordered stuff online and it's has had the wrong label on it as well. Black a checked dress so never know.

ilovecherries Sat 18-Nov-17 12:12:00

I had a dress delivered from Whistles the other day from JL. I'd tried the S on instore and it neatly fitted so I knew the M should be fine. Like you, couldn't get it over my head. I was annoyed as I'd paid for premium delivery which they wouldn't refund as the size on the dress was M.

lovemylover Sat 18-Nov-17 12:37:55

I can take it to the store here, to return but not sure if it was just an online offer, i will have to find out and if so order 2 sizes larger ,a12 and a 14
Hate buying clothes at the best of times, as i am just under 5ft tall, and most are too long, and a lot are young styles ,and im not young any more lol
Even M&S short are not short anymore
Need a new coat too, but dread going looking for one,that doesnt bury me,at a reasonable price

Ginkypig Sat 18-Nov-17 12:39:14

It's never consistent Iv had a 12,14,16,18 all fit

Iv had the same thing in the same size but one fitting and the other not.
When I do find something though I tend to like it and it's lasted quite well although it's been at least a couple of years since I found anything Iv actually liked from there!

lovemylover Sat 18-Nov-17 12:40:21

I agree re the postage too, not only paid for postage for something no good , due to their mistakes ,but sometimes have to pay for returns

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