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What's the one perfect product that you haven't found?

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Opheliasgoldenwine Wed 15-Nov-17 22:13:07

I’ve yet to find the PERFECT foundation and I fear that I never will sad

I recently found a perfect daytime lipstick (MAC Velvet Teddy) but I cannot for the life of me find a perfect foundation.

What have you not found?

Bella8 Wed 15-Nov-17 22:17:05

I have never found the perfect shade red in a moisturising lipstick, I've been searching for a red with just a hint of a pink hue and not found the correct shade. I've also not found the perfect concealer for under eye area they are all too drying and horrible consistency.

ShyOyster Wed 15-Nov-17 22:23:52

Definitely foundation. I think I’ve tried every single one available on the market. No luck.
I have a sample of this new Fenty stuff that I’m going to try tomorrow night (going out). We shall see.

Bella8 Wed 15-Nov-17 22:25:54

I was like that with foundation until i discovered L'Oréal true match liquid foundation. i love the stuff: the powder is good as well.

ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 15-Nov-17 22:26:33

A white product I could paint on my silver fillings

oldlaundbooth Wed 15-Nov-17 22:30:13

I cannot find a shampoo that let's me go for more than 48 hours without washing my hair.

Alwaysinmyheart Wed 15-Nov-17 22:31:37

A foundation that makes me look like the girls in Made in Chelsea! They always look so flawless 💁

doodlejump1980 Wed 15-Nov-17 22:32:15

Charles Worthington used to do the most perfect curl creme for my hair. But they've discontinued it and I've yet to find one that doesn't make my curls greasy/crispy/sticky. Pay!

Alwaysinmyheart Wed 15-Nov-17 22:32:49

Oh and a conditioner that makes my frizzy hair shiny!

keepingbees Wed 15-Nov-17 22:35:02

Another one for foundation. I have oily skin and everything slides off by mid morning no matter what I do or how many hours it promises to stay put.
Also a brown hair dye that goes a nice chocolate brown. Lighter browns go brassy and darker browns go a horrible flat dark brown/black.

ThanksForAllTheFish Thu 16-Nov-17 09:48:46

A concealer that is actually lighter than my foundation (although I am still not convinced my foundation is light enough for me). Does not exist.

ShyOyster Fri 17-Nov-17 15:52:24

I might have experienced a breakthrough in my search for the perfect stuff! I got a sample of that new Fenty stuff yesterday. I put it on my face the way the lady at the beauty counter recommended: with a brush and blended in with a slightly wet sponge. It looked amazing and lasted all evening. I was out, had plenty to drink and sat near a fireplace, so felt pretty hot.
What makes it even better is that I didn’t use any primer or setting spray, just a bit of powder, and my skin still looked flawless!

ShyOyster Fri 17-Nov-17 15:53:14

I might overuse the word “stuff”. I mean foundation, of course grin

Timefortea99 Fri 17-Nov-17 15:56:51

Foundation. 99 % perfect with the custom blended Prescriptives one. Discontinued obviously.

Lipstick that is just the right "my lips but better" shade, but with the right texture also.

YouWereRight Fri 17-Nov-17 16:23:18

A sunscreen for my face, they all don't quite sit right. I'm making do with an okay one.

QueenofLouisiana Fri 17-Nov-17 16:24:21

Also foundation. I have rosacea so a very red nose and often flushed cheeks. I use a green cream, but this doesn’t help with the dry, flaky skin or bumps.

I need pale shade, good coverage, not flaky or slidey.

keepmoving Fri 17-Nov-17 16:30:29

Given up on foundation use Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser in porcelain (pale) and then cover red cheeks with Nars concealer, my skin has never looked better. Foundation sits in my wrinkles wink

keepmoving Fri 17-Nov-17 16:32:30

My perfect product would be a mask that I could press on my skin at night and would miraculously remove all my makeup and leave my skin clean, soft etc and be environmentally friendly. Find the faff of double cleansing, getting rid of mascara at the end of the day tedious!

IvorHughJarrs Fri 17-Nov-17 16:36:42

I'd like a foundation that would make me look 25 again, shapewear that would pull me in to a size 12 and shampoo and conditioner to give me big hair. As I am fat and 50+ with thinning menopausal hair I don't think they are available but I live in hope grin

KatharinaRosalie Fri 17-Nov-17 16:48:23

I found it and the fuckers discontinued it. Chanel Les Beiges had a perfecting fluid. Not the foundation, but a kind of a BB cream or tinted moisturiser hybrid. Makes you look amazing, like you're not wearing any make up at all, just have perfect glowing skin. Discontinued. Whyyyy??

ChardonnaysPrettySister Fri 17-Nov-17 16:50:15

I found it and then the bastards killed it off.
Old formulation Touche Eclat foundation.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Fri 17-Nov-17 16:52:09

timefortea have you tried the Bobbi Brown crushed lipsticks?

Might be exact what you want.

moonamanda Fri 17-Nov-17 17:06:07

Another my lips but better for my sallow complexion. Regular nudes make me look deprived of oxygen and browns make my teeth look yellow.
Sunburnt pink is what I'm looking for.

bingohandjob Fri 17-Nov-17 17:17:23

A high factor SPF that I don't react badly to - face and body.

A heat-protection spray for my hair that miraculously gets rid of those fine flyaway hairs at my parting.

A red lipstick that doesn't make me look like Coco the Clown.

GinandGingerBeer Fri 17-Nov-17 17:44:19

A mascara that doesn’t smudge, clog or clump.

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