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Which parka? Didrikson, Seasalt, something else?

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Notname Tue 14-Nov-17 21:06:53

I'm sorry, I know this subject has been done to death, and I have read through some of the other lengthy threads on this subject, but nothing quite answers my specific questions.

I'm looking for a parka which is long (knee length ish), with a nice big hood (poss with fur trim), and quite slouchy. I want it to be fairly warm, but doesn't need to be super warm as I'm happy to wear layers under it, and I want to be flexible rather than too thick and stiff, so that I can keep it on when driving.

I like the look of the Sesalt Janelle 2 but they've run out of my size in the navy and I'm less keen on the other colours. I think the Seasalt Jibe looks good, but possibly a bit thinner than I'd like. I also like the look of some of the Didrikson styles, especially the Lina (but might not be long enough), but I'm not sure whether they are a bit thick and stiff (haven't seen them in real life, I'm trying to find something online).

I'm looking to spend about £150 ish and hoping for either navy, dark grey or khaki, or something along those lines. I need a size 20, or 18 if generous, but I want to fit layers under so prob better with the bigger size. Can anyone help please?!

NotAPenguin Tue 14-Nov-17 21:19:34

I have a Didrikson, it's very warm and waterproof but perhaps a bit too warm, and yes a bit stiff. Mine is a couple of years old and started to look a bit scruffy after the first time I washed it. Having said that it feels like it's giving you a big hug when you put it on which is lovely on a cold day!

Notname Tue 14-Nov-17 21:34:09

Thank you, I love the look of the Didriksons but fear they might a bit too thick for what I want at the moment. I have a thick warm coat and want something more 'every day'. But not sure if the Seasalt Jibe might be too thin! confused

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