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Hot date next month and I want to knock him dead. Help me, please?!

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MrsDesperado Tue 14-Nov-17 01:24:10

Hello lovely MNetters

I have an important date next month and want to look my best. The plan is to meet for a drink or two in central London, then go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner, and then, all being well, go back to my hotel blush

I'm naturally scruffy, but want to look polished. I'm not very good at doing formal as I feel uncomfortable, that it's 'not me', so struggle with what's appropriate.I think I look ok in a dress though I often feel over dressed.

I'm a size 10, not a great waist and 32E boobs, and lack confidence.

Can anyone suggest me an outift to wear, please?

Is there anything else I can do in the next month to make myself look tip top? I'm a bit tired and washed out with kids so a big priority will be to limit alcohol and sleep more. Is there anything else effective I could do? What about eyelash extensions? Drinking loads of water a day??

Sorry this is so long and thanks in advance!

Butterymuffin Tue 14-Nov-17 01:28:26

Good underwear. That will make your clothes look better, flatter your boobs and give you confidence for the move to the hotel room.

ReggaetonLente Tue 14-Nov-17 01:29:51

Spray tan. Get it done maybe 2 days before, will work wonders.

Gel mani and pedi. Helps me feel more glam.

Blow dry, if you can. Lots of blow dry bars on Oxford / Regent street for £20-£30 a go.

I think I posted on your restaurant thread too!

MrsDesperado Tue 14-Nov-17 01:47:55

Ahh busted Reggae! Thought I'd got away with that...wink
Thanks for your input smile

Spray tan a good idea! Worried about patchy etc though, not had one before but see plenty of disasters about. Should I trial one now in advance of the real deal?

Mani/pedi also good. Will normal mani do or do i need something fancy? If so, what?

Very good idea re blow dry! Will book myself in, was planning to do it myself, can you imagine!

Butterymuffin any suggestions on where to get good underwear and what I should be looking for?

Bloomed Tue 14-Nov-17 01:54:38

Wear something red wink
If you have a proper spray tan they'll make sure your skin is prepped. Do you want a dress or prefer trousers?

ReggaetonLente Tue 14-Nov-17 02:00:43

I'm excited for you!

For spray tans, have a look online at local salon reviews and go to someone with good recommendations. I've never had a disaster yet - when I first started getting them I had visions of Ross in friends (I'm an 8!!!) but the practitioner usually does it all quite slowly and carefully, and constantly checks in about how dark I want to be etc.

Besides, if you get one a couple of days before, you have time to get used to it, for any smell to fade, and for any tell tale patches on hands and feet (the danger zones) to rub off a little. And honestly, any slight patches are worth it - you'll look thinner, healthier, your teeth will look whiter and your skin will be smoother and more even toned. I get one before any big event.

As for nails - a normal pedi will do you fine (I always feel more confident naked if I know I have nice feet!) but I'd recommend a gel manicure - it'll be super shiny, and last a couple of weeks.

oldlaundbooth Tue 14-Nov-17 02:03:10

Drink loads of water.
Lots of fruit and veg and as much sleep before hand as possible.

What clothes do you suit? And do you usually have a spray tan and a blow dry? You don't want to be uncomfortable on the night.

MrsDesperado Tue 14-Nov-17 02:18:49

I'm super excited too Reggae!
And I'll definitely report back!!!

Ok I'll get a spray tan and gel nails. Might need help with the mani/pedi colours when it comes to it. I'm rubbish at this!
But both of those are on the list.

Thanks for your input so far!

Unfortunately I look shit in red Bloomed! I can't wear black either -
navy looks the best on me. I have sallow skin that tans well, mousey thin hair and blue eyes. Not sure if that helps?

Definitely want a dress.

Thanks old...fruit/veg/water has been added to The List. Don't normally have a blow dry as I always think I can do it better! I use gradual tan in summer so I'm ok with a tan.

MrsDesperado Tue 14-Nov-17 02:23:39

I love the shape of this dress and think it would suit me but a) I'm uneasy about the pattern and b) I'm in the mood for a bit of cleavage, for once!

I think that I like that it helps accentuate the waist. I don't even know whether it would look good onme !

CoyoteCafe Tue 14-Nov-17 02:34:11

It's a great dress. I agree about underwear. Take the dress with you to a shop with good service, and have them fit the underwear to go specifically with the dress.

What about having your hair dyed professionally? May be just some foil highlights, or some low lights. Either way would make your hair look thicker and appear to have more depth. Something close to your natural color would stay natural looking, just more interesting.

MrsDesperado Tue 14-Nov-17 02:37:30

Good idea about fitting the underwear after the dress Coyote

I'm getting my hair coloured a couple of weeks ahead of the date. Maybe slightly lighter than normal.

Any more outfit suggestions?

MrsDesperado Tue 14-Nov-17 03:34:45

Can anyone recommend anyone to style my thin limp shoulder length hair somewhere near paddington? Usually i curl it myself with the GHDs, wondering if paying to have it done professionally might be a good idea?

OldWitch00 Tue 14-Nov-17 03:53:32

I've never seen a nice spray tan, sadly they all look orange and remind me of people with hepatitis....

dorislessingscat Tue 14-Nov-17 06:24:24

Definitely no spray tan. They look odd when you are naked and they smell funny.

I like the dress a lot.

silkpyjamasallday Tue 14-Nov-17 06:38:16

I wouldn't go all in on a high maintenance beauty routine specifically for a date if it's not what you usually do, you want to be yourself but better, not someone else's idea of what looks good. I think get a dress and underwear you feel fabulous in, have your hair done somewhere professionally just before the date, and maybe treat yourself to some new makeup. This navy dress would let you get a bit of cleavage on show, but not too in your face

AhAgain Tue 14-Nov-17 07:13:18

No spray tan, at least not this time of year! There is a lovely lady in my office who either tans (hope not) or spray tans. It’s mid-November and she is tango orange. She is lovely and good looking, so why she feels she needs to be orange I don’t know... I know another woman with a spray tan too - it is very obvious in November and looks more orange than tan this time of year.

If you want to lift your skin, you a bit of your gradual tan.

A blow dry by someone you don’t know may also be something that you aren’t comfortable with.

Am intrigued by this date. If it is one of Towie, ignore my advice grin.

Annabelle4 Tue 14-Nov-17 10:53:16

I wouldn't go for a spray tan in Winter either, especially if you don't usually have one.

You could try getting your eyebrows shaped and tinted? Just a light tint if it's your first time. I find that it makes such a difference to my face.

MrsDesperado Tue 14-Nov-17 12:04:36

Ok no spray tan! I'll use my gradual tan a week before instead.

No it's definitely NOT one of towie!!

That's a nice dress silk but I would definitely feel self conscious in that.
I'm 40.

MrsDesperado Tue 14-Nov-17 14:54:24

Does anyone else have any dress suggestions?

Bloomed Tue 14-Nov-17 15:04:24

Could you find a wrap dress? Very flattering and of course the unwrapping aspect.

MerryMarigold Tue 14-Nov-17 15:17:17 that one is simple, but you will have to pull it over your head.

MerryMarigold Tue 14-Nov-17 15:18:29


BoredOnMatLeave Tue 14-Nov-17 15:26:39

I'm excited for you.

So good blow dry, Mani-Pedi, good underwear (debenhams?), would suggest brow threading too and maybe eyelash uplift or really natural extensions.

Maybe treat yourself to some nice make-up. All my male friends hate a bold lip just FYI. But go with what you are confident with.

I love this Asos

And this blue midi

MrsDesperado Tue 14-Nov-17 15:39:57

Thanks for suggestions so far!

I have yet to find a wrap dress that suits me Bloomed, they tend to make me look wide... Although I'm fairly slim I am wide from the front and slim from the side, sort of 2-dimensional hmm

I like that whistles one Merry but I think the high neckline could make my boobs look matronly.

The Asos one is fun but how would you wear a bra?!

Bloomed Tue 14-Nov-17 15:42:55

I'd go for a boob flattering v neck in some kind of tactile fabric. Maybe velvet or silk.

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