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Horizontal frown lines - botox doesn't help so want make up guidance

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MariaWaria Mon 13-Nov-17 23:16:08

Have two horizonal lines on top of nose - just below eyebrows from a previous silly facial habit I had.

They are not crevices; it's as though the skin has 'split' and left the lines a different colour. I've previously had botox but all it did was move my eyebrows further apart - the colouring of the lines was still there.

How can I use make up to disguise them?

Vegecook Tue 14-Nov-17 17:50:23

Can you add a photo please. Just of that bit of your forehead nothing identifying. I don’t quite ‘get’ what the issue is?

LadyOfTheCanyon Tue 14-Nov-17 19:05:10

Acids and retinols will help any discoloration you have there but it will take months and dedication to lessen any colour on your skin.

Did your consultant not tell you that Botox wouldn't work on it? How old are you?

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