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I really don't need another winter coat, do I?

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Wenchelda Mon 13-Nov-17 15:09:26

So I had a new winter coat last year as I’d put on weight and my one from the previous year was too tight. Have lost a stone this year so whilst last years coat still fits me and doesn’t look too massive, it does feel (and look?) a bit bulkier than I’d like. It’s nothing glamorous, but does the job of keeping me warm and dry. It’s thigh length - as I’m pear shaped with big thighs, I feel like it is emphasising the bigness of my thighs, which obviously I’d rather not do!

Tried on a coat today that was knee length and the shape of it seemed so much more flattering. It was still quite a padded coat, so not necessarily any les bulky than my current one. But I think the fact it went about 6inches longer all the way to my knees made it look better.

It’s currently reduced from £100 to £70. But I don’t need it. I have a perfectly good coat from last year —plus a cupboard full of jackets that I hardly ever wear— so it seems frivolous to buy another. I’m so tempted though. Can’t decide what to do! Any thoughts?

Floisme Mon 13-Nov-17 15:22:10

I'm very frivolous and the last time I counted, I had 17 winter coats but that aside, and assuming you can afford £70, then yes of course you should. A longer coat would be a) much more flattering and b) keep you warmer and drier.

You wear a coat more than any other item in winter and they cover up all kinds of shockers underneath so as far as I'm concerned they're worth every penny.

ilovecherries Mon 13-Nov-17 15:26:49

Yup, ^^ if you can afford it, then get it.

Honeycake50 Mon 13-Nov-17 15:31:14

Do it.. if you think it's flattering you will feel great in it. Go for it!

I am very frivolous too, last count was 8 coats in the last 3 months, or could be a bit less(!) (i have not updated my wardrobe since kids 7 years ago and I have suddenly discovered me and my passion for things again). I LOVE each and every one and I do feel lovely in them, I wonder how I wore my mishapen, bobbly frumpy coats for so long before although I was always flippin knackered !

I agree with Flois.. it can change any outfit and it's nice not to always wear the same thing. If it's nice on you won't regret it.

Just a biker jacket left on my list, oops...

Honeycake50 Mon 13-Nov-17 15:31:38

Yes if you can afford it, most important thing really

Onynx Mon 13-Nov-17 15:48:46

Ahum we neeeed a picture😊

MismatchedCat Mon 13-Nov-17 16:55:25

I think it's worth having more than one coat, because you end up wearing them everyday for weeks on end. It's nice to have some choice between which one you can wear each day.

Branleuse Mon 13-Nov-17 17:01:14

whats the point in having all nice clothes and making an effort, if you then only have one winter coat that makes you look and feel crap. Get the coat if you can afford it.

Wenchelda Mon 13-Nov-17 18:22:48

Oh good, I’m glad you all think like that ... I think you’ve convinced me wink I mentioned to DH I’d seen a new coat I like and his response was “what, another one? You’ve got loads of coats!”

I’m a bit nervous to post a pic in case you all tell me it’s hideous .... all I can say is it looks nicer IRL than on the pic. It pulls in round the waist which gives it a better shape too (plus I’m a lot shorter than the model obviously is, so it’s knee length on me compared to thigh length on her). Think I will go back tomorrow to try it on again smile

Gretia Mon 13-Nov-17 18:26:46

I like it OP, you can need have too many coats!

Nettletheelf Mon 13-Nov-17 19:08:42

Do it. I’m not the biggest fan of the coat you have chosen, but in this country you’re wearing a winter coat for almost six months of the year. So it makes sense to have a range and it especially makes sense to have coats that flatter you and that you enjoy wearing. More people see you in your coat than any other garment, right?

I’ve got 10 winter coats and I wear all of them (separately!).

Floisme Mon 13-Nov-17 19:20:13

I've got a coat quite like that and, while I won't pretend it's my favourite, it's almost certainly the most useful. I agree with you that the knee length plus some shaping at the waist makes it far more flattering than most.

Honeycake50 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:33:09

OP that’s almost identical to one of the 8 I have recently bought!

It’s not my usual style but th version I bought is very flattering plus the coat is waterproof and warm. I got mine from TK Maxx, Regatta and I’d you have one nearby we’ll worth a look. It as £49. If you love the one you found when you try it on again. Go for it .

Hairq Mon 13-Nov-17 19:45:28

Always have a nice coat - you wear it all the time for more than 6 months of the year and it goes over your clothes so is always seen. Could you eBay last year's coat to get a little bit of money towards the new one?

CountFosco Mon 13-Nov-17 19:46:59

If you've put on weight and lost it over the last year then I think you probably need a bit of a clear out of your wardrobe to get rid of the things that no longer fit or suit you. Then you won't feel so bad about buying yourself clothes that fit. Two winter coats, one of which is too big, is not extravagent. I have 6 coats that I wear over the winter.

Wenchelda Mon 13-Nov-17 20:24:08

Ok well you don’t all completely hate it, so that’s good grin

I know its not particularly stylish nor beautiful but it feels like it would be really warm, it’s water repellent and felt good on. My DS has started playing football recently so I need a cosy coat to keep me warm on the sidelines every Sunday morning, not to mention the school run. I have nicer jackets/coats to be a bit smarter or dressier in but I want a good all rounder for day to day throughout the winter.

Floisme Tue 14-Nov-17 07:16:32

I think the coat is spot on for what you've described!

ilovecherries Tue 14-Nov-17 08:24:19

You need clothes to fit your lifestyle, and from the sound of things that coat is perfect for what you need right now. I also second getting rid of clothes that don't fit. I've recently lost 50 lbs, nothing, and I mean nothing fit me - even tights and shoes were too big. But because I had a wardrobe full of clothes, I felt I couldn't buy anything when I already had 'plenty'. So I was 'making do' all the time. I felt is would be wasteful/unethical/selfish/extravagant to buy more stuff. My daughter eventually came home from uni one weekend and Marie Kondo'd the lot for me. I ended up with a couple of things that were worth paying for professional alterations, and the rest is packed up and being ebayed 10 items at a time. It also gave me breathing space to buy a few things I like and need (plus a stylish coat which I didn't really need as I had bought a uniqlo puffa). But it's a coat I love and totally represents who I feel I'm becoming. These clothes will hopefully see me through the last 30 lbs of weight loss. So unless buying the coat will significantly impact your finances I would say have it, enjoy wearing it, and relish looking good and feeling warm while doing so.

Honeycake50 Tue 14-Nov-17 08:46:33

Well done cherries on losing that weight, fantastic!

I lost 1 stone recently, a lot less but I feel so 'new' I guess it kick started my love of clothes again and I guess liking myself again and feeling confident.

Tell us if you buy!

Wenchelda Tue 14-Nov-17 10:08:03

Hmm I’m having second thoughts this morning as I noticed it’s only described as “durable water repellent” rather than actually “waterproof” so I’m wondering if it would keep me dry if I’m standing out in the rain.

I’ve been to TK maxx this morning and nothing there caught my eye. We have a Trespass clearance shop here which is where I normally buy all our coats from (mine,dh and dcs) as they are waterproof and fantastic value in that shop but I didn’t see anything knee length in there either.

Does anyone know what “durable water repellent” actually means?! Think I need to go and talk to someone in the shop confused

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