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OTK boots and breaking out of my comfort zone

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rightknockered Mon 13-Nov-17 00:07:46

Tomorrow I intend to break out of my comfort zone.
I have got into the habit of wearing cut off and frayed straight jeans and chelsea boots, almost every flipping day. And since I've just bought a new faux fur lined leather biker from Allsaints, to add to my collection of biker jackets blush, I want to wear it tomorrow.
I'm wearing OTK boots to break away from chelsea boots, with a knitted dress which sits just above the knee.
I like the outfit, having tried it on, but will definitely feel self-conscious in it.
I know I'll be slightly overdressed for the school run in it (most seem to turn up in the dressing gowns and slippers), but will be meeting a friend who needs a hand hold tomorrow. (Plus there's a lush new teacher I want to flirt with a bit)
While I like it all, I don't want to be sniggered at, don't mind being bitched about.
Is it too much?

Nettletheelf Mon 13-Nov-17 00:36:09

People drop their children off wearing dressing gown and slippers, and you’re worried that YOU will be sniggered at???

Your outfit sounds lovely. Just wear it. It doesn’t sound particularly raunchy!

Talisin Mon 13-Nov-17 01:15:24

Sounds great. If the dressing gown brigade snigger then it’s only because you’ve just made them feel self conscious by looking good.

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