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Washing your face with semi perm eyelashes?

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SierraFerrara Sun 12-Nov-17 22:15:24

Not actually washing with them like a flannel obviously, but more how do you wash your face when you are wearing them?

I love semi perm lashes but when I've had them in the past, I never felt I was able to wash my face properly so took them off really quickly. I don't wear eye makeup when I've got falsies but I still like to wash my eyes.

I really want to give them another go but I need to know I'll keep them on longer than the week I had them in last time!

Blackbutler86 Sun 12-Nov-17 22:22:44

I just wash my face normally but I don't rub my eyes. You can get them wet 24hrs after application. My lash extensionist gives me a little brush to brush them with so after I've washed and dried my face I run that over them.

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