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Any Avon recommendations?

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singingpinkmonkey Sun 12-Nov-17 18:49:12

My friend has just started selling Avon.
I've never bought anything from there before but as she has had a bad year, I would like to support her as much as I can.

Anyone know of any Avon products that are worth a try?

usernameinfinito Sun 12-Nov-17 18:56:00

I like their scents and body creams/lotions.

Katiedidit34 Sun 12-Nov-17 18:59:50

The cream to powder face compact & loose powder (black packaging)

Bubble bath - it's usually on offer in big bottles.

Opheliasgoldenwine Sun 12-Nov-17 19:00:35

Last time I heard, they have to sell £83 on each order before any commission- you’ll have to buy a lot of stuff to help her in any way financiallysad

QuinnsNo1Lady Sun 12-Nov-17 19:01:22

The Mark eyebrow gel with double ended angled brush is fab.

grafittiartist Sun 12-Nov-17 19:03:44

Glycerine hand cream is the best hand cream I've found. Worth looking at clothing too- I once got a great handbag from them.

YouWereRight Sun 12-Nov-17 19:03:53

The glimmer sticks are great. They also had a brilliant foot mask thing that makes your dead skin fall off, and an exfoliating mask.

But they sell in China now, so have to test on animals, if that bothers you

Dodie66 Sun 12-Nov-17 19:13:18

Big bottles of bubble bath, shower gels, perfumes and aftershaves, foundation etc. Love all of them

pineappleeyes Sun 12-Nov-17 19:18:48

The hair serum is the best one I've used.

I second the glycerine hand cream too.

QuestionforQuentin Sun 12-Nov-17 19:42:37

Tested on animals. Yuck.

Shop Sun 12-Nov-17 19:52:05

The setting spray is hands down the best I've ever tried. Replaced my Urban decay one!

singingpinkmonkey Sun 12-Nov-17 20:18:58

Great thanks for your suggestions.
I won't be the only one buying from her but wanted to show support.

Plus, I have run out of a lot of things so it might be good to stock up.

Even if it down at take off and she ends up giving it up, I think it's nice to be enthusiastic!

IJustLostTheGame Sun 12-Nov-17 20:47:32

They never used to test on animals. I used to love avon.
I loved their Argan oil hair stuff, glimmersticks, and their bb cream was fantastic.

usernameinfinito Wed 15-Nov-17 01:22:26

Pur blanca is one of my favourite perfumes

Talisin Wed 15-Nov-17 02:40:45

Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment cream aka the one all the beauty editors have been raving about. I was slightly astonished, I really didn’t expect much given I’ve been using retin a for years and this is weaker but bloody hell it works. On week three now so back to phase one and will be reordering next week (it’s supposed to last around four weeks).

SashaFiercesMum Wed 15-Nov-17 02:50:16

Another fan of the Renew range. Was using another overpriced brand but decided to give this range a go at a fraction of the cost with amazing results! Also like to use their B&B cream and glimmersticks too. Always some good offers in there too smile.

sooperdooper Wed 15-Nov-17 08:10:52

They do a great nail varnish setting spray

SashaFiercesMum Wed 15-Nov-17 08:18:43

Just ordered sooper. I'm expecting great things!smile

pineappleeyes Wed 15-Nov-17 10:27:31

I can't find the make up or nail varnish setting sprays in this month's brochure (18)


TowerRose Wed 15-Nov-17 12:20:01

I really like their eyeshadow quads

SashaFiercesMum Wed 15-Nov-17 23:02:04

Pg 260 in (18) pineappleeyes

SashaFiercesMum Wed 15-Nov-17 23:03:19

Pg 260 in (18) pineappleeyes

goose1964 Wed 15-Nov-17 23:40:38

I've always found their jewellery good value

usernameinfinito Thu 16-Nov-17 21:52:38

When is Pur Blanca going to be in a cheap 10-12 pounds set?

1Vandal Thu 16-Nov-17 21:57:03

The eyeliners are great, and the extra lasting range is great too. The shower gels and moisturisers smell amazing. The lipsticks are lovely too.
Yeah I buy all my makeup from Avon and it's way cheaper than any big name stuff. Love the anew range smells great too

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