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Attractive winter clothes

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Margie32 Sun 12-Nov-17 17:00:06

Can someone help? I have a huge crush on someone at work and have been trying to look my best every day in order to impress. It was easy in the summer when I was tanned and could show some flesh off but now it’s cold, everything wintry in my wardrobe looks really frumpy.

What can I wear which makes me look sexy and irresistible but keeps me warm at the same time?

PinkLipsDontLie Sun 12-Nov-17 17:35:41

Off the shoulder jumpers and tops look really sexy.
Body con skirts and pencil skirts with a nice figure hugging top.
Mini skirt with opaques.
Leggings with long but slim fitting tunic.
Generally figure-hugging knitwear should be warm + impressive enough.

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