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Spotty chin

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Cringe9876 Sun 12-Nov-17 16:12:58

I’m getting lots of spots on my chin and jaw area the last few months. I’m early 30’s with no real skin care routine other than cleansing wipes. I wear makeup every day.
Any recommendations for spot clearing miracle products?

ShowerGel9 Sun 12-Nov-17 16:17:24

isn't spots on chin hormonal rather then kind of a skin care thing? I heard that spots on that area on your face are related to ovaries so mIghtfield be worse at ovulation etc...could be bollocks. I also get spots on my chin and nowhere else...

AnaWinter Sun 12-Nov-17 16:18:33

Acnecide. Cleared up my chin spots in a few days and I have not got any more since

Justbookedasummmerholiday Sun 12-Nov-17 16:19:43


ShowerGel9 Sun 12-Nov-17 16:21:02

What does sudocreme do?

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