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Spotty chin

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Cringe9876 Sun 12-Nov-17 16:01:44

I’m getting lots of spots on my chin and jaw area the last few months. I’m early 30’s with no real skin care routine other than cleansing wipes. I wear makeup every day.
Any recommendations for spot clearing miracle products?

FairyDust855 Sun 12-Nov-17 16:05:39

Are you under a lot of stress? May be causing the spots.

I would try a proper cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. Nivea products are good.

Want2beme Sun 12-Nov-17 16:06:16

This is your new friend. I started using it approx 6 months ago and haven't had a spot since. In fact, all spots, including chin spots were gone within a week. I had spots most of my life and now I'm spot-free - I'm still in shock!

TheQueenOfWands Sun 12-Nov-17 16:08:16

I have a kidney infection ATM and corresponding spots on the infected kidney side of my chin.

If you look up an acne map it'll tell you your ailment based on where your spots are.

Chin spots are also hormonal, so could be stress.

AnaWinter Sun 12-Nov-17 16:12:02

Acnecide cleared up my chin within days of starting it. Haven’t got a spot since.

PorklessPie Sun 12-Nov-17 16:47:13

Can you buy acnecide over the counter or is it prescription only?

AnaWinter Sun 12-Nov-17 17:13:58

No prescription needed.

PorklessPie Sun 12-Nov-17 17:15:04

Is it in the shelf or do I ask at the counter?

AnaWinter Sun 12-Nov-17 17:45:43

It was behind the counter in the chemist I went to.

AnaWinter Sun 12-Nov-17 17:50:34

I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. I tried lots of different things but none worked. It was recommended to me on another forum. I am beyond thrilled that my skin is clear now. Your chin might be slightly red in the first day or two of using but it settles quickly.

Snog Sun 12-Nov-17 18:18:54

You need the bravura microfibre Flannel.
£££ but better than any cream

OuchLegoHurts Sun 12-Nov-17 18:31:30

I get hormonal spots on my chin. They went out of control when I came off the pill, but I went on antibiotics and they cleared them up. On a side note, cleansing wipes are really bad for making your skin produce too much oil because they are so drying. Perhaps try a more gentle cleanser. Skin experts say that the worst way of cleansing is with wipes!

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