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Hippy coat for a grown up

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MollyBloomYes Sun 12-Nov-17 01:10:30

Decided I need a new coat. Happily my birthday is extremely close to Christmas so can ask for one!

I’ve finally reconciled the fact that I’ll never be sleek or glamorous and am giving into my teenage hippy/quirky/scruffy routes. So I need a cosy coat that’s a bit quirky but doesn’t look like I’m desperately trying to be 15 again.

I’ve googled a lot of ‘Nepal coat’ type things and have come up with a lot of (quite warm looking to be fair) hoody type things. So I guess that’s kind of the vibe I’m looking for but maybe a bit more...coat like? But not too stylish or it’ll look ridiculous with my uniform of jeans and jumper. But not just a glorified sweatshirt as I bloody hate being cold. Helpfully vague for you all!

Joe browns a massive disappointment. Wicked Dragon had some possibilities but not sure of quality, and just want to see what else is out there. Budget no more than (absolute maximum) £100

All patchouli scented suggestions welcome smile

SleepingStandingUp Sun 12-Nov-17 01:15:57

Ah was gonna say Joe Brown. I love my purple flowery one and always lust after the more expensive ones.
Design PR quality disappointing you?

southboundagain Sun 12-Nov-17 01:22:29

Maybe Desigual?

Lucked Sun 12-Nov-17 01:31:39

Free people have some hippy type coats like this! but have a browse of the website.

DrDiva Sun 12-Nov-17 01:50:54

Nomads Clothing? They often have some rather lovely ones!

MollyBloomYes Sun 12-Nov-17 04:07:14

Great start thanks everyone!

With Joe Browns: I’ve had some great stuff over the years but I’ve just looked at their current coat and jacket selection and it’s surprisingly dull! Lots of fitted blazers and quite a bit of tweed!

And with Wicked Dragon, the quality might be great, I’ve just never bought from them before so wondered if anyone else had and their experiences.

I’ll look at the others now, thanks again!

DancingHouse Sun 12-Nov-17 08:44:15

Try searching eBay or Etsy with the search terms 'hippy coat' or psy, psytrance, cyberpunk, quirky, pixie, boho, festival, trippy.

Loads of sellers use these words as a catchall for the kind of style you might be looking for.

trainedopossum Sun 12-Nov-17 13:30:10

This may not fit the bill exactly but it resembles the Free People one above and is more budget-friendly:

unicornface Sun 12-Nov-17 13:56:00

Another one to look for on eBay is Bohemia. They are Swedish brand I think and lovely quality.

DrDiva Mon 13-Nov-17 09:34:44

I’m loving this thread! Thanks for all the recommendations. I used to loved all the hippy stuff on Nomads a Clothing, but they’ve gone floral in the past few years, which just isn’t me at all. Different buyers, I guess.

MollyBloomYes Fri 17-Nov-17 00:04:58

Oooh some more suggestions! Awesome thanks! eBay a good idea but my gran (it’s her who’ll be buying) might be a bit suspicious of unknown scary website. She might not mind just giving me the cash though....

Thanks again everyone!

Squashit Fri 17-Nov-17 04:21:58

Look at Gringo and Skunk-funk too. Possibly Gudrun Sjoden on eBay.

MollyBloomYes Sat 18-Nov-17 01:22:46

Oh my god Bohemia! I’m in love with all their clothes! If I had the budget I’d buy the lot, brilliant tip thank you!

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