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Anyone 5:2 and 9 and a half stone

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comfyshoelady Sat 11-Nov-17 13:22:31

Can I ask what clothes size you wear, and if you think this is a good weight for you?
I had always considered this weight too heavy for my height, but I fit into size 10 clothes and get comments on being slim so I'm kind of confused. I don't do much exercise so it's not muscle, but I do have large heavy breasts!

Bestbees Sat 11-Nov-17 13:25:51

How tall are u?
Does it matter what clothes size you are if you are a healthy weight?
Would i make a difference if i said same stats and a 12. Or same stats and an 8?

CountFosco Sat 11-Nov-17 13:46:12

I'm 5'2" and 9st3lb ish so slightly less and also wear a size 10 (same weight I was in my 20s when I always wore a 12 so that's vanity sizing for you). 9st 10lb is BMI of 25 so you're a healthy weight for our height. I'm happy at my weight, I do exercise, swim 4x a week (~1k per swim) and do yoga 4x a week so I have muscular arms and legs which I love. I still have a bit of a flabby tummy but after 3 kids and lots of stretchmarks I think that's inevitable. I've no hangups about clothes, I'm an hourglass and suit most things if they fit but that's probably as much to do with my Mum's healthy attitude to her body as anything. I didn't learn to hate myself.

MissWimpyDimple Sat 11-Nov-17 13:48:59

I’m 5 3” and although I’m currently a stone heavier and wear a size 12, your weight sounds ideal.

I feel best when I’m about 9 1/2 to 10 stone. Currently 10 1/2 but going down.

thepatchworkcat Sat 11-Nov-17 13:50:20

You sound similar to me, I’m a little shorter than that and weigh about the same. I think I could stand to be a bit slimmer but it doesn’t bother me too much. I wear 10s and 12s, it varies from shop to shop. Often petite if I can find it due to short legs etc. Big boobs and round tummy. But then people sometimes say I look slim and I don’t think I am so it must be flattering clothing!

Strummerville Sat 11-Nov-17 13:59:52

If there's one thing I've learned from MN height / weight / dress size threads, it's that nothing means anything and everything is confusing! Still read the obsessively though grin

I'm 5'6" and around 120lb and wear size 10, sometimes 8 in tops. Many other posters are shorter and weigh more and wear the same size or smaller.

RandomMess Sat 11-Nov-17 14:06:11

I’m 5’ and weigh 9st 2 just in healthy bmi and am in 10-12 clothes.

However I am too big for my frame have a podgy stomach and podgy arms. I need to be at least a stone lighter.

I’m apple shaped but currently a fat apple IYSWIM

pattimayonnaise Sat 11-Nov-17 14:12:29

I’m about to give birth so god knows what I’ll look like after - but I am your height and usually around your weight. I do feel better around 8 1/2 stone, but it does take effort for me to get to and remain at that weight. (By effort I mean exercise and not eating entire packs of biscuits etc!!)

comfyshoelady Sat 11-Nov-17 14:37:22

Thanks, I think that's confirmed that the image I have of myself is realistic! Last time I was 8 and a half stone, following an illness, I had lots of 'worried' comments, but 9 stone is ideal when I can exercise enough self control to get there!

RandomMess Sat 11-Nov-17 14:48:01

That is a very good indicator! I only got the too thin comments when under 7 stone!!!

MyDcAreMarvel Sat 11-Nov-17 15:04:58

I am 9.2 and 5"8, I wear size 10 , it's funny how much of a variation there can be.

MaryLennoxsScowl Sat 11-Nov-17 15:08:34

I'm 5'2" and 9 stone, and I wear a 10 or sometimes an 8. I don't like petite sizes because I have broad shoulders for my height and, um, sturdy thighs and arms and often petite sizes are cut narrower in the shoulder and arms. My lower stomach is flatter when I'm 8 and 3/4 stone and I feel thin when I'm 8 and a half (which is practically never) but I'm quite small framed despite being muscular in the shoulders and arms/legs. I do a lot of body weight exercise but would need to add cardio and stop eating biscuits to go down to 8 and 3/4.

MaryLennoxsScowl Sat 11-Nov-17 15:16:43

Incidentally, I don't think of myself as particularly slim, I think people with small arms and shoulders and a long neck look automatically slim even when they're technically heavier than me. I can look very broad despite having a small waist and fairly flat stomach.

RandomMess Sat 11-Nov-17 15:19:26

I have tiny hips so the opposite of pear shape and very many people think I am slim despite having a huge stomach. Obviously I wear clothes to hide belly but yes people are easily tricked IME

PhyllisWig Sat 11-Nov-17 16:23:16

I’m an inch taller and about 10lbs heavier - I teeter around a bmi of 25.

I could clearly lose more weight as I have big upper thighs and a noticeable podgy lower abdomen. I am a size 12, sometimes 14.

I do have a size 10 waist though. I have a fairly generous build - am short rather than petite iyswim.

I look fine. Sometimes slimmish, mostly a little bit like the welsh pit pony my genes dictated. Happy at this weight (to get lower would be quite a struggle so happy here).

PhyllisWig Sat 11-Nov-17 16:28:33

Just thinking it’s my torso which is really narrow, from under my bust to my tummy button so if I wear something quite fitted on top and gently flared from the waist I easily look a stone lighter.

justme93 Sun 12-Nov-17 18:12:29

I’m 5.2 and 8.7 with a bmi of around 21 which I believe normal. I did hit 10.7 at my heaviest and was a size 12-14 and really not very happy with my body. Now I’m back down to 8-10 and far more confident. I guess it’s what feels good for you. I sometimes still feel fat but normally when I’ve eaten far too much cake and drink too much coffee. 🤦‍♀️

tangledyarn Sun 12-Nov-17 18:25:20

I'm 5.2 and 9 stone. I feel best at 8.7 but I find it's hard to maintain as due to health issues I can't exercise and enjoy eating!

msbossy Sun 12-Nov-17 19:34:04

5’2” and 11 1/2 stone. Im short, not petite (size 6 feet). I’m a pear shaped 12/14. My BMI is 29 but body fat of 33% which is lower than average. I run at least 10k a week and (with some training) I can swim 5k in 95 minutes. Aiming to lose another 14lb which should make me an easy size 12.

Would love to have a BMI of 22 but I can’t see that ever being achievable and resent that I’ll always be labelled “fat” or “unhealthy” unless I do so.

AhAgain Sun 12-Nov-17 20:35:04

I am 5’4” (just) and 9st. Think this is a good weight for me: I am a slim 10, sometimes an 8 (up too) depending on brand/item.

I am very careful what I eat on weekdays, a little more relaxed on weekends. Main things to avoid are sugar, carbs and my diet is generally pretty low in fat. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol either. Lots of fruit and veg, good amount of lean protein. I aim for 3/4 intense exercise sessions a week, but it has been more like 2 recently (demands of a very ill parent).

Wouldn’t mind being 8.5 stone, but think it would be difficult to achieve/maintain. I am 43, so don’t want to be too slim

aniceearlynight Mon 13-Nov-17 21:35:26

I’m 5ft 2 and 8 stone 5lb. Wear a size 8, sometimes a 6 in expensive brands. Never look actually skinny unless I get under 8 stone. Look best in clothes at 8 stone 3 lb but can’t be arsed to diet and have teenage DDs so am mindful of the example I set them. I usually do 3 sessions of reformer Pilates a week but also have ill parent and work and teenagers so at the mo only managing a class once a week. I do my 10,000 steps or more every day so not putting on any weight but flabbing terribly and losing strength without the Pilates 😩

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