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My skin texture is looking terrible around my mouth/nose - what products might help?

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SleepFreeZone Thu 09-Nov-17 21:46:58

I made the mistake today of scrutinising my face from a side angle and I can see just how poor my skin texture is under my mouth to the side of my chin and also round my nose and marrianette lines. It looks crepey 😔

I used to have really bad acne and would pick my skin so I'm sure I've damaged the skin on top of natural aging (early 40s). Any thoughts on what might help? I hear a lot about The Ordinary but haven't looked yet. Maybe some professional sessions of dermabrasion or something?

All I know is I look st some of the women my age in the media and wooooah I look shit 😬

Ktown Thu 09-Nov-17 22:06:45

Eucerin 5% urea is great for plumping skin texture
Any acid is nice to smooth skin
If you like the ordinary then the buffet serum mixed with grapeseed oil or a little rosehip oil makes me to better in the morning.

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