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diddlemethis Thu 09-Nov-17 14:32:21

Looking for recommendations. I LOVE penhaligans scents, especially the musky masculine ones.

My current tipple is Halfeti and I loved the discontinued Elixir.

Given that I like to spray very liberally, and am on an economy drive, can anyone think of a cheaper substitution, of a similar tone?

CantChoose Thu 09-Nov-17 14:37:12

I wear Penhaligon’s and I’ve not managed to find anything with similar depth that is significantly cheaper. My scents that predate my Penhaligon’s now smell cheap and synthetic to me. I’ve spoiled myself :/ Following with interest!

diddlemethis Thu 09-Nov-17 16:01:03

It looks like I need to protect my budget for fragrance, Penthaligons it is!

stopfuckingshoutingatme Tue 21-Nov-17 15:39:07

i have just discovered Halfeti, god its LOVELY

QueenAravisOfArchenland Tue 21-Nov-17 15:46:43

I have a massive weak spot for Penhaligons Endymion. Mmm, leather, coffee and sage. I also did a scent profiling once there which I found really interesting. Runner-up the citrusy Malabah.

I was under the impression that real perfume buffs didn't particularly rate the brand though? I'm no buff, I just like what I like and they were good at helping me figure out what that was.

CantChoose Tue 21-Nov-17 16:31:54

I get more compliments when I’m wearing Penhaligon’s than any of my other scents. So the buffs can get stuffed as far as I’m concerned grin
I wear Dutchess Rose and Equinox Bloom.

mowglik Tue 21-Nov-17 17:33:42

No suggestions but I love Penhaligons Lothair, I’m wearing it now smile - lovely and warm and musky

slinkysaluki Tue 21-Nov-17 21:56:37

I love Artemisia I always have a spray in Fenwick's but it's a bit too spendy for me unfortunately

HereBeFuckery Tue 21-Nov-17 22:00:58

I love it, but it doesn't have much longevity on me, nor sillage. I like monster scents though! For the price, I'd go for something by Andy Tauer (now that man can make SCENT!) for a bit more oomph.

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Wed 22-Nov-17 08:55:02

TKMaxx often have Penhaligon's products at a a reduced price.

ellequick Wed 22-Nov-17 11:27:17

Are you sure? I can't recall ever seeing Penhaligon's in TK Maxx. Will run to the nearest branch if true. I've recently become obsessed with Halfeti too but can't justify the cost. Have made do with this instead:

stopfuckingshoutingatme Wed 22-Nov-17 11:50:56

Elle I ordered one too blush

32 grin

stopfuckingshoutingatme Wed 22-Nov-17 12:01:35

And as for TCMaxx - I booody wish !!

ellequick Wed 22-Nov-17 12:01:43

stopfuckingshoutingatme I was a bit miffed that my Empressa has 1/3 missing from the bottle sad Still, at least I don't have to keep finding new branches of Penhaligon's to get my Halfeti fix at, before the staff begin to recognise me and chase me out.

QueenAravisOfArchenland Wed 22-Nov-17 12:14:02

I really want to try Halfeti now, and the notes sound good to me - I never get along with floral perfumes but love spicy, slightly androgynous ones. Sadly I no longer work in Covent Garden, so will have to find another way to get my fix...angry

CantChoose Wed 22-Nov-17 15:07:57

I went to tkmaxx today to have a look and they did have some Penhaligon’s in there. Mostly mens’ I think. There were these and also blasted bloom.

HotDamnState Wed 22-Nov-17 16:59:20

I love Penhaligons.

They're fragrances tend to be quite linear, or at least dominated by one note, which is why I think they're not rated by Perfumistas.

But I find them lovely - unusually delicate and beautifully crafted. Peoneve is my favourite (floral lover). I have no experience of the more oomph-ey Orientals etc. I wouldn't necessarily go to to this House for that vibe, but I am willing to be educated grin

HotDamnState Wed 22-Nov-17 16:59:40

Their not they're angry

CountFosco Wed 22-Nov-17 17:41:57

These look interesting, not bad value at all.

hmmwhatatodo Wed 22-Nov-17 20:23:55

I tried a hand lotion put in penhaligons once and got told off by the sales assistant because I was rubbing it in the wrong way apparently. I felt like I was 12 years old!

brogueish Thu 23-Nov-17 17:29:48

Lots of Penhaligons in the TK Maxx flash sale online today, including Castile, which I adore but still have half a bottle of and can't justify buying for myself this close to Christmas anyway. If you register you can access the Flash Sales I think.

There are also some Miller Harris and a couple of Tom Fords.

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