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Tell me how to wear a ruched skirt (about 10 questions!)

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ilovecherries Wed 08-Nov-17 10:20:53

I bought a BNWT Kettlewell ruched skirt from the Hospice shop today for a fiver, but now I've got it home, not quite sure how to wear it - I haven't worn a skirt for over thirty years (though I do wear dresses). I've got it on with black opaques at the moment, but I can feel the skirt and the tights rubbing on each other as I walk. So I'm wondering:
Does a ruched skirt constantly ride up? Will I be tugging at it all the time?
How do you ruch it? Just across the top of your thighs? Somewhere else? Everywhere? Not sure how to settle it into position.
I don't have a completely flat tummy - should I always wear a jumper that comes down past that bit?
Are you meant to see the curve of your backside (stupid question, but not sure!)
I can't wear heels due to surgery - will it be ok with flat Chelsea boots and/or loafers?
And finally - should a size 14 even wear a ruched skirt??

Thisismynewname123 Wed 08-Nov-17 14:53:23

I have the Kettlewell ruched skirt and I love it. I wear it loads. Ruched all over. I am far from having a flat stomach! I wear it with a big knitted jumper and black tights. Yes, the curve of your bum may show, depending how long your jumper is. I wear it with flat black ankle boots and black opaque tights. It doesn't ride up when walking, but the ruching needs some adjusting into place after going to the toilet!
They don't seem to have it on Kettlewell website anymore, but it's very similar to the Hush one. I wear it something like this (but with black tights):

ilovecherries Wed 08-Nov-17 15:02:56

Thanks! I ventured out with it on and no one appeared to drop dead with horror. It's a dark navy, very pleased with it for a fiver as I'd never have risked buying one it's so far out of my comfort zone. Though I did end up absent mindedly pulling it down like trousers when I went to the loo.

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