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Celine Phantom - Yae or Nae?

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midnightmisssuki Tue 07-Nov-17 14:37:28

Looking to get this - can anyone tell me if they only do block colours now? I tried ringing them but no answer at Selfridges. When i was in SIngapore and DUbai, they had these limited edition ones with the dual colours, nothing on the website about it though.

botemp Tue 07-Nov-17 15:28:41

I'm sure they still do the solid colours and the limited editions vary per location but honestly, Celine has so many nice bags to choose from but the Phantom was so popular and ubiquitous until it reached a point of saturation whereby it lost its desirability and now they're being dumped en masse on second-hand sites. It feels so tied to a certain era as a result, I don't want to use the word dated but it is sort of.

However, if it's a bag you always loved and wanted but couldn't afford and now can, then go for it, regardless of the fashion tendencies around it, but personally, I'd be looking at their many many other lovely bags to see if anything else strikes a similar chord of want.

Also, check the Purse Forum they keep track of all the limited editions quite well.

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