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Help me look good in ten days

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moonmaker Tue 07-Nov-17 14:16:57

Need some tips please
I have an occasion to attend in ten days and would love to look trimmer than I do now .
I used to be super svelte until I had dc3 and now I have a horrid tummy pouch due to terribly misaligned stomach muscles sad no matter what , I feel frumpy . I also got into a terrible pattern of eating rubbish and bingeing which I have been trying to get out of for a good week now and have managed so far. It all started with dc3 being a non sleeper so me relying on food for comfort .

I have a really nice blazer dress from new Look that is fairly flattering to my build / height to wear on the day . I am five feet tall and roughly a size 10 so am still slim in the conventional sense but due to still carrying baby weight ( the ‘baby’ is now nearly 2) I dont Look or feel toned . I have a tiny tiny frame so the extra flab feels obvious to me .
I have been exercising daily for the past week and cut out the rubbish. I know that no miracle is going to happen in 10 days but what can I do to look and feel less bloated / pouchy on the day ?

Rainbowglow Tue 07-Nov-17 14:27:21

I am sure you look fabulous. Epsom Salt Baths are meant to help with water retention. Keep up the exercise. Lots of water. Avoid carbs. No junk. Perhaps a good blow dry/manicure/statement earrings/ great lipstick will give you added confidence. And enjoy the day.

moonmaker Tue 07-Nov-17 14:46:56

Thanks rainbow that’s exactly the kind of encouragement I need ! Funny you mentioned lipstick - dd (12) picked a new lipstick for me ( sleek - shade mulberry ) which isn’t something I’d usually wear as it’s quite bold but suits my colouring and the dress so have been looking forward to wearing it !

squoosh Tue 07-Nov-17 14:50:34

Spanx or some kind of control pants that whoosh everything in.

HighburyHattie Tue 07-Nov-17 15:35:23

Not much you can do in 10 days to make a major difference to your figure but keep going with being active, drinking more water and eating cleaner foods - you will definitely have a flatter stomach on the day and feel more confident. Try to avoid all junk/comfort foods until the event to prevent bloat

Things that might help you to feel fresher:
- hair cut/colour
- new skincare, like a face mask or treatment. Body moisturiser that will make your skin glow?
- getting your make up done on the day if major event
- a spray / good bottle tan may help you look slimmer / legs more toned

As far as your outfit goes, the blazer dress sounds cute but how you style it may make you feel more confident on the day. Like if it has a belt or not to nip you in further (studded/western buckle belts are trending if you want to buy a new one).

I would also recommend tassel earrings from topshop/H&M - statement piece, I’m obsessed with them, they will make you feel extra sassy on the day.

moonmaker Tue 07-Nov-17 16:30:41

Thank you Highbury . I haven’t had a manicure or tanned since before dc3 was born. I think I’m getting particularly worked up because I am meeting my all my old colleagues from where I worked pre dc3 and i was always manicured / ate clean and worked out / well turned out . I know I shouldn’t care but Am worried it will be totally obvious that I have let myself go . But most importantly I want to do this for myself .

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