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Update on my Celine bag that had mould on it

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JessiCake Tue 07-Nov-17 12:18:29

Just wanted to update in case anyone was interested (was delighted anybody was interested in the first place tbh!)

It went off to the Handbag Clinic as recc'd on here and it's now come back.

It's ALMOST completely fine again. They did a really decent job tbf, it was just that the mould was SO bad there's still a small patch on the underside of the bag that is discoloured. I know it's there but I doubt anybody else would notice it IYSWIM. So about as good a result as I could have hoped for.

They re-lined it beautifully (the lining was where all the mould was) too.

So all in all, I'm happy. Still kicking myself for letting it get that bad in the first place (I left chocolate in there one hot summer's day when DD was a baby... and then put it away in a dark coupbard for 3ish years where it began to fester...) but it's entirely usable again now and looks (ALMOST) perfect again.

In a way maybe it's good as I now won't keep it just 'for best' like I used to; now that it's not 'perfect' anymore I am going to use it as an everyday bag, which is nice given that it's a Celine bag and way posher than anything else I own!!

Wish I could post a pic but my phone has given up the ghost!

Thanks again to all who posted on the original thread.

Oh and Handbag Clinic wasn't cheap - it cost about £250 all-in (but it was in a dire state) but for me it was worth it. The bag cost a lot more than that and I'd much rather have that bag in working order than spend even as much as £250 on a replacement.

PNGirl Tue 07-Nov-17 13:14:37

I have found that the Handbag Restoration Company Link can work miracles - just in case you want to see if anything else can be done about the stain underneath.

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