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Party dress for mum tums and boobs!

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WeeM Mon 06-Nov-17 23:29:11

Seriously fed up looking for a dress for Xmas do...the vast majority seem to be either skin tight, backless or both! I am not that unusual a size/shape-there must be loads of people who want to hide their tummy and can’t go braless.

Been looking at all the usual high street places (next, oasis, warehouse, debs etc) and have only found a couple that I really like. Well for less than £70ish that is. If anyone has any other pearls of wisdom I will gladly take them! confused

NearlyChristmasNow Mon 06-Nov-17 23:34:45

I have this dress which is very flattering:

WeeM Mon 06-Nov-17 23:55:27

Yes that’s nice although I don’t really suit red. However I never even thought to look at DPs so off to have a look thanks!

WeeM Tue 07-Nov-17 00:07:48

They def have some possibilities!

NearlyChristmasNow Tue 07-Nov-17 00:10:24

Great, hope you find something!

StepAwayFromCake Tue 07-Nov-17 00:12:58

Google wiggle dress. There are some lovely dresses cut to flatter plump curves. Sometimes they're bodycon, too, but not always.

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