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Cerave moisturiser - disappearing?

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I've been using Cerave Pm for a while and have bought it through Amazon.

I'm trying to buy some again but it seems like there is hardly any around and that the prices have at least doubled. Is it being discontinued?

Secretsout Mon 06-Nov-17 19:18:35

Hi there, I posted the same thing last night. I've been using it a couple of years after seeing it recommended on here. I think I was paying about £15 but the price is now ridiculous. Keeping my fingers crossed that one of the S&B experts can help.

Dustbunny1900 Mon 06-Nov-17 19:49:35

It’s not being discontinued afaik , in fact they just creates another moisturizer/serum line recently (the purple bottles lol). L’Oréal just purchased cerave this year so a lot of people are hoping they’ll make it more accessible in the UK. I’m on the us so I know that’s not a big help but it’s definitely still being made/sold by the company! Check reddit, they always have good info/dupes

Thanks both
Secretsout I noticed your post just after I created mine. Nightmare. I think I will try to see if someone can get it from the US for me.

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