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What's your favourite day moisturiser

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mintmagnummm Mon 06-Nov-17 06:48:19

And why? What is your skin type?
Day cream is something I’m really struggling with and cannot find one I love. I want something really hydrating and creamy that just melts into skin leaving behind No residue. Not perfumed either as I have very reactive skin! Skin is combination but I suffer badly with dehydration. Fed up!

makemyminduptime Mon 06-Nov-17 06:58:54

Nivea q10. I've spent loads over the years on expensive moisturisers and this one is by far the best. And it's nearly always on a half price offer at only £5 a pot!

mintmagnummm Mon 06-Nov-17 08:08:07

Thank u but Nivea is definitely not fragrance free, one of specifications listed above.

MorrisZapp Mon 06-Nov-17 08:10:13

The one I keep coming back to is Elemis pro collagen marine cream. It's more of a gel cream texture.

It's pricey, but there's a brilliant tsv coming up in the next few days.

MorrisZapp Mon 06-Nov-17 08:10:47

Sorry didn't realise about the perfume, scratch that.

Talith Mon 06-Nov-17 08:16:55

Nivea face creams do terrible things to the skin around my eyes, wrinkling and drying, and they sting like a bastard if you get it in your eyes (yes I know not eye cream but a factor)...

I stick to the Lush potted moisturisers. Enzymion is great and currently getting lovely results from Imperialis. Leave my skin looking nicely fresh and not oily. Smells good too.

Strummerville Mon 06-Nov-17 08:19:25

I use Bravura Azulene cream and absolutely love it. It is unscented, cheap, feels beautiful and keeps my skin clear and soft.

ImADingleDangleScarecrow Mon 06-Nov-17 08:50:24

I love Clarins hydraquench day cream. They also do a gel. Think it’s now called hydra essential.

It doesn’t seem perfumed to me but no idea about ingredients

Mrsfloss Mon 06-Nov-17 08:52:59

Elemis marine cream

Get on qvc has changed my skin and it’s british

ChardonnaysPrettySister Mon 06-Nov-17 08:55:10

Favourite is Darphin Intral.

Really good for dry sensitive sky n, and combined with their serum a bit too f a miracle.

Expensive though so I'm using up a pot of elemis pro marine, which is very scented indeed.

Alwaysreadyforablether Mon 06-Nov-17 08:57:27

The Aloe range at the Body Shop. Fragrance free and very gentle on the skin. Was a saviour when my very sensitive skin reacted to something and became horribly dry and red.

CurlsandCurves Mon 06-Nov-17 09:08:51

Aldi q10.

Sinks in really nicely and it’s a bargain at £1.69

MinesaPinot Mon 06-Nov-17 09:16:49

Revitalift Laser Renew is my day to day moisturiser. I'm normal/combination, with dehydrated patches on my cheeks if I'm not careful. This gives a smoothing and hydrated appearance and makes my skin feel firmer. The only one I have repurchased on a regular basis (along with the night cream).

However, when I go on holiday I take Body Shop Aloe Vera as the Revitalift can sometimes be a bit sting-y on sun exposed skin in my opinion (by that I mean sunbathing, as opposed to day to day sun exposure, if that makes sense).

OccasionalNachos Mon 06-Nov-17 10:51:25

I’ve recently bought this Nip & Fab one. Nice high SPF. It doesn’t have a strong

I always keep a bottle of Simple light moisturiser around, it’s fab if your skin is very sensitive.

RubbishMantra Mon 06-Nov-17 11:54:38

Clinique Moisture Surge. It's a gel, so doesn't make my greasy skin greasier. The closest thing I've found to a perfect moisturiser.

IsletsOfLangerhans Mon 06-Nov-17 12:00:49

I’m using Waitrose pure hydration face cream - can highly recommend. My skin sounds like yours too. I’ve previously used elemis creams, but thought I’d give something cheaper a go. My skin is looking better than it has for ages...

murphys Mon 06-Nov-17 12:13:48

If you have reactive skin, I wouldn't recommend any Clinique products. I have never had a eczema breakout on my face as bad as when I tried Clinique.

I use Clarins, its the only one that my skin seems to like. Its not unperfumed sadly though. I really do think its a bit of trial and error to find the one. What suits one person with a similar skin type, doesn't work so well for another.

AiryFairy1991 Mon 06-Nov-17 12:17:30

I love the simple day cream. It’s not too greasy but works wonders on my dry skin!

CheekyFatSquirrel Mon 06-Nov-17 12:18:06

I use Olay lotion, the sensitive one.

I do have some Elemis marine cream, it does make a good makeup base and skin feel soft, but OMG the smell! Its very strong and fishy, its awful.

mintmagnummm Mon 06-Nov-17 12:21:03

Thanks for all the suggestions so far everyone, however sadly they are either perfumed or ones I’ve actually tried and hated already sad. Keep em coming please and maybe I can find ‘the one’

MinesaPinot Mon 06-Nov-17 13:16:26

What about the Green People? I've just had a look and they do a scent free range for people with sensitive skin including a sample pack of the serum (5ml sachet) and day cream (2 ml sachet) for £1.50. Might be worth a try.

MorrisZapp Mon 06-Nov-17 13:16:44

Maybe start another thread asking for fragrance free day cream recs, otherwise people will mention their favourite as per the thread title.

As an aside, I love the fragrance of marine cream!

Wtfdoicare Mon 06-Nov-17 13:18:13

Waitrose pure hydration face cream is great and has no fragrance in. I have dry and sensitive skin and it suits me, however, my absolute lifesaver for my face is Aveeno lotion with shea butter (also non perfumed).

Fannyfannakerpants Mon 06-Nov-17 13:21:23

I've just bought weleda almond facial lotion. Its nothing ground breaking but i use seperate serums and a high spf so i didn't want it to be. It sinks in really well, is not at all oily and unperfumed.

Tiredbadger Mon 06-Nov-17 13:26:26

I’m not 100% sure it’s fragrance free but I’ve just starting using a moisturiser from a company MooGoo and it’s brilliant

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