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Phillips lumea - which one?

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Goosegettingfat Mon 06-Nov-17 00:23:26

I have decided to take the plunge and invest. Any wise words about which model I need? I can see some older ones aren’t cordless but other than that I can’t see a great deal of difference between models, despite large price differences. Help appreciated!

ellephant Mon 06-Nov-17 00:53:55

No advice on the lumea, but I bought smooth skin gold, which is the same type of ipl machine and it works a treat. After about 6/7 weeks the hair on my legs wasn’t growing anymore. Need to keep it up as and when necessary otherwise the hairs would start to come back, but a worthwhile investment. I personally wouldn’t go for a cordless ipl as I’m not sure they’re as powerful?

pinkingshears Mon 06-Nov-17 09:30:42

*is it painful?
I have a LOT of chin bristles now which I shave but it needs doing twice a day. I am desperate to get it sorted but live very rurally so regular salon not possible.
bristles are a mix of reddish (odd) and dark and a few clear ones.

Haffiana Mon 06-Nov-17 18:18:09

Get the best corded one. Cordless have problems if you do not regularly charge - search for threads on here about that.

Personally I don't bother with the attachments as they just make the whole process longer and more fiddly!

I have the Lumea SC1997/00. MN not accepting posts with Amazon links atm, so you will have to google it!

ellephant Thu 09-Nov-17 00:32:33

Pink no it’s not painful as such, you can feel it; it’s not exactly a comfortable sensation but it’s a small price to pay for the results.** Imagine a rubber band being pinged on your skin - I know that’s how these things are always described but it really is the closest comparison! It’s got a gentle mode setting that makes it much less painful so you can use that to start with until you get a bit braver with it.** It should definitely work on the darker/red hairs but not so sure about the finer ones, they might need waxing? Hope that helps

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