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Handbag with photo on the front

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hollyisalovelyname Sun 05-Nov-17 13:18:07

Some years back I bought a tote handbag ( with leather trim) with a photo that I sent to them on it, from a small London based company. They may have been based in Chelsea Harbour. I know I saw their promo in a hotel there.
Unfortunately I can't remember the name.
It was much cheaper than a similar bag concept that Anya Hindmarch was doing at that time.
Would any Mumsnetter know of such a company ?
I know Fuji film shops do photo bags but not in the style or material I want. Thanks in advance.

SilentlyScreamingAgain Sun 05-Nov-17 14:43:22

Fergie has one with her daughters on the front, are you sure it's a good idea?

BaronessBomburst Sun 05-Nov-17 14:52:26

Have you tried AliExpress? They have some very good quality bags on there, and several companies do photo bags.

Peppaswine Sun 05-Nov-17 14:58:54

Try Snappy Snaps. They print photos on canvas bags, mugs, pillows etc..

hollyisalovelyname Mon 06-Nov-17 07:30:15

Silently It's not for my dcs photossmile
I am not looking for a canvas bag Peppa.
Does Ali express deliver to Ireland?
It was a small London based company that sold the last bag I got. The bag had leather handles.

BaronessBomburst Thu 09-Nov-17 15:45:34

They deliver worldwide (they're like a Chinese Amazon) but I don't know if they have leather bags.
I got DS a lovely nylon one for school and I'm about to order one with a horse on for a friend's daughter. I've picked a photo from stock but noticed that they'll print your own photos too.

ZaraW Thu 09-Nov-17 19:03:22

I wouldn't touch Ali Express I ordered from them last year after three months my order hadn't arrived. I was promised only 50% refund which never happened.

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