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Sun Tan Protection before Moisturiser? Or after?

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FiveShelties Sat 04-Nov-17 22:09:42

Which way is best, or does it not matter? smile

FiveShelties Sun 05-Nov-17 06:50:19

Surely someone must use both? Feeling very alone on my thread!😢

Elledorado Sun 05-Nov-17 06:52:32

Serum, moisturiser/primer, sunscreen, foundation.

everyonesgotanopinion Sun 05-Nov-17 07:16:44

Dermalogica factor 50 as my moisturiser and light foundation on top. My face would melt away if I used too many products.

FiveShelties Sun 05-Nov-17 07:19:51

Thank you very much. I don't usually use sun screen on a daily basis, but I should really and could not decide the order.

AnnaBay Sun 05-Nov-17 07:25:56

Moisturiser first then 50+ sun cream on top daily.
If working, foundation and make up on top of that.

dantdmistedious Sun 05-Nov-17 12:31:20

Sunscreen and no moisturiser it makes my skin too greasy to use both

45DegreestoReality Sun 05-Nov-17 14:18:46

The same as dantdmistedious.
I find sunscreen is enough of a moisturiser on its own, so don't feel the need to add more.
I wear BB cream over the top rather than foundation though, so not sure if that makes a difference.

CallingPeopleACuntOnFb Sun 05-Nov-17 17:31:31

(Then Primer& / or make up if wearing)

That’s how I do it anyway hope it’s correct 😆

FiveShelties Sun 05-Nov-17 20:41:29

Thank you very much.

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