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addicted to uniqlo

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mercurymaze Sat 04-Nov-17 21:26:11

seriously I have spent about £400 in there (kitting myself out for new office job) it's just such a fantastic shop! I really hope it doesn't get crap

anyone else? smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 04-Nov-17 21:29:35

Not £400 in one go but I have a Merino short sleeved jumper ,, a cotton/cashmere ribbed long sleeve (in Sale grin )

One of the puffy coats
One of the Silky blouses

DD loves the underwear and got a pair of joggers (£5)

I haven't tried trousers/skirts apart from leggings (which TBH weren't brilliant) too sheer and got holes in.

dontcallmelen Sat 04-Nov-17 22:10:24

Hi can slightly hijack please, does anyone know what the sizing of the merino v neck jumpers are like? I’m very petite usually 6/8 should I go for xs or small thank you.

squoosh Sat 04-Nov-17 22:17:48

I love their long sleeved tshirts in supima cotton. They're the perfect amount of stretchy and the perfect fit. A really good basic.

SaigonSaigon Sat 04-Nov-17 22:19:32

Yes I'm a fan too. I love their collaborations with designers like Ines De La Fressange. I love my puffy down coat and general basics. I bought a cute Jill Sander navy wool jacket in the sale for £20 about 5 yrs ago. A really nice design and a complete steal. I can't not buy stuff from there!

mercurymaze Sat 04-Nov-17 22:27:02

Dontcall I would say go xs their sizing is true i am 14 and get large

MismatchedCat Sat 04-Nov-17 22:28:42

I want to like Uniqlo. I keep going back, but am always mildly disappointed.

Today I went in looking for natural fibre tops. I found one type which looked ok but they had run out of my size, so couldn't try on.

The time before, I went in just to browse. I tried on some cream-coloured knitwear but it was so transparent it might have been made of silk chiffon.

The time before that, I went in wanting to buy one of their merino cardigans, but the colours this autumn are very meh and don't suit me at all -- no bright/warm shades.

Over the summer I kept popping in but always left empty handed. Either the quality was off, or the fabric, or the colour.

JigglyTuff Sat 04-Nov-17 22:29:42

About 50% of my wardrobe is uniqlo. I'm usually wearing something from there most days (if not a top or a cardi, then trousers or heattech or underwear or loungewear). I bloody love uniqlo.

bingohandjob Sat 04-Nov-17 23:16:31

Love Uniqlo - Heattech, supima tees, Airism vests, lightweight down jackets and gilets and latest is the perfect, simple Block Tech rain mac. Love their stuff.

chanie44 Sat 04-Nov-17 23:19:42

Most of my wardrobe is from uniqlo. Sometimes, the colours aren’t very nice, but most of what I’ve bought has been good quality.

dontcallmelen Sun 05-Nov-17 00:02:21

@mercury thank you

Creamswirls Sun 05-Nov-17 00:11:35

Uniqlo is great quality. I wish their cut took boobs and hips into account a bit more (but understand why it doesn’t) and I also wish they’d open a store oop north!

ReallyConvolutedCareerHistory Sun 05-Nov-17 05:34:55

Me. I buy most of our clothes there.

Elledorado Sun 05-Nov-17 06:51:12

I just dont get the Uniqlo love. I find it generally boring and on the short side. I've bought a number of down coats for the kids, and the menswear (merino etc jumpers) is nice but nothing for me. The jeans and trousers seem frumpy, the jumpers short (& dull), the tshirts also cut in a very frumpy way. I've bought one silk top which is okay but I'd never buy two. What am I missing?!

PNGirl Sun 05-Nov-17 07:54:15

Love them. I'm wearing a heattech polo neck long sleeved top today and it looks very simple and chic. And it's freezing so bonus warmth!

LindyHemming Sun 05-Nov-17 08:04:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeastOfCraggyIsland Sun 05-Nov-17 08:15:29

Me, I love Uniqlo. I have 6 Heattech tops in various colours and neck styles, Heattech leggings, 2 cashmere jumpers, 4 merino jumpers, boyfriend jeans and some joggers for slouching around the house in. The cut of most of the basic stuff suits my shape perfectly.

Floisme Sun 05-Nov-17 10:13:33

I love the Christophe Lemaire U ranges - they're modern but very wearable and affordable. I was gutted when I had to be at work early when the last one launched and I've been stalking them for returns ever since. Their other collaborations are always interesting too. I like it that they often go for less high profile designers who still have something to prove.

I'm more indifferent about their basics - they're still one of the first places I look, especially for knitwear but they never make me want to sing. I don't get on with a lot of their colours either, even though there's often a big range and I got a bit pissed off with sending for stuff only to find the colour was completely different in real life ( don't live near a store). I find the quality hit and miss - never had any problem with the merino wool but the cashmere was shite.

bananafish81 Sun 05-Nov-17 14:32:28

Most of my wardrobe is Uniqlo

Most days I'll be wearing at least one uniqlo garment, often head to toe

I live in

Supima cotton basics
Heat tech tops
Silk touch easy care blouses
Cotton Oxford shirts
Merino wool and cashmere sweaters
Leggings trousers
Smart style ankle length trouser

Plus for bedtime either their boxer shorts in summer or lounge pants in winter

❤️ uniqlo

fivefour3twoone Fri 10-Nov-17 14:05:06

I bought 2 fine merino v beck jumpers and have been really disappointed - they ride up really badly even though I went for xxl! I'm only a size 12. Gutted, as I love the fine merino cardigan I got

Helena17 Fri 10-Nov-17 14:27:29

Love their designs too! I have a collection of cotton shirts and trousers smile

rockcakesrock Fri 10-Nov-17 16:50:11

@dontcallmelen , I am a size 8 but busty, so I wear small. If you are a size 6 on top then definitely choose the Xsmall

OCSockOrphanage Fri 10-Nov-17 16:54:50

I loved their Supima Henleys and bought lots; now mourning the fact they no longer sell them, and mine are wearing out. Their cashmere seems reasonable in the boring basic colours, but less keen on the merino jumpers, but it may have been the colours chosen. DS is sold on their jeans for everyday use.

dontcallmelen Fri 10-Nov-17 16:59:47

@rockcake thank you.

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