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Teenage Skin

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Teaonthelawn Sat 04-Nov-17 13:30:54

My 15 year old son has spotty skin. The GP described it as mild acne. His skin is very sensitive and reacts badly to any preparations containing benzoyl peroxide.
So, for the last few weeks he has just used a simple cleanser and moisturiser. Also, lots of water, healthy diet and a multi vitamin - not because we expect a cure but to work on his general health.
His skin is calmer but still spotty (like a rash with pin -head spots). He's reluctant to go back to the GP because of the way he reacted to the last lot of cream. I just wondered if anyone had ideas as to how we can help his skin.

Sunnystars Sat 04-Nov-17 13:49:08

My dd has been given several treatments by our GP, a lotion, a gel and an 8 week course of antibiotics, none were successful for her.

After doing some research, I started her on Starflower oil capsules in July and her skin has improved far more than it did with anything from the GP.

botemp Sat 04-Nov-17 13:50:46

Dr. Sam Bunting recently did a video on this on her channel on YouTube, it's the one with Caroline Barnes which should be helpful. You can try salycilic acid, the 2% BHA perfecting liquid from Paula's Choice is good and you can try the travel size first. It does make slightly sun sensitive so should be used with daily SPF (and reapplying every two hours with prolonged outdoor exposure) which is good practice regardless and helpful with acne too. BHA should be built up with use slowly, starting 1-2x a week up to every day but most will not need to use it that often.

Teaonthelawn Sat 04-Nov-17 16:35:57

Thank you
I will try both ideas - very much appreciate your responses.

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