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My face needs help!

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SolidHair Sat 04-Nov-17 11:28:12

Wise Mumsnetters, please help me! My face is depressing me. Around my nose and chin I have the oily skin of a teenager, I have a big red nose like an old man, and my cheeks and forehead are like a Weetabix! I’m 44 years old, but look 64. Can anyone recommend a skin-correcting tinted moisturiser or miracle potion? I’m tired of scaring the children! I bow to your greater knowledge.

AhAgain Sat 04-Nov-17 11:32:34


Can you find a Jan Marini salon near you? Expensive for the range, but great for problem skin.

SolidHair Sat 04-Nov-17 11:35:55

I wouldn’t say money’s no object, but I’m prepared to invest in a solution. Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll look into that!

BusterGonad Sat 04-Nov-17 13:20:22

Instead of trying to hide it you need to get to the root of it and sort it out! I'd second seeing a professional or at least get to a decent skin care brand and see a consultant who can help!

SolidHair Sat 04-Nov-17 14:29:20

Good advice! Thank you.

Dustbunny1900 Sat 04-Nov-17 17:28:34

Are you eating lots of healthy fats, greens, water, and antioxidants? Sunscreen daily and a good moisturizer (without irritants like fragrance or essential oils?)

GinUnicorn Sat 04-Nov-17 17:33:28

You could try plasma facials. My friend has one called neogen but google and see if they are any good.

Mulberrysilk Sat 04-Nov-17 17:41:20

Is it Rosacea?

DameDoom Sat 04-Nov-17 18:31:27

Certainly sounds like rosacea which will need medical intervention.

I am on lymecycline and mine improved dramatically within a couple of weeks. It can't be cured but it can be very successfully managed. I would make an appointment first before dropping a lot of money on facials and skincare.

ChishandFips33 Sat 04-Nov-17 19:41:33

La Roche posay effaclar 3 step might be your friend

My skin has always been spot prone still I started using LRP

AhAgain Sat 04-Nov-17 21:49:25

Definitely look for a professional to advise pn Jan Marini - I got on to them through a salon.

I use their biglycolic cleanser, then I use The Ordinary hylauronic acid and retinoid (latter night only), JM Bioclear cream (night only), JM Transformation Cream, Guinot Eye Cream, JM Physical Protectorant (SPF45) I The day only, sometimes with a couple of drops of Clarins tint. It all works really well, but you need what works for your skin abc not mine.

SolidHair Sun 05-Nov-17 08:18:00

Thanks all! Some really good suggestions here, and perhaps it is time for some soul-searching about my lifestyle in general. Many thanks again.

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